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Can FM physicians do colonoscopies? How so?

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Hi all,

I heard that Canadian FM physicians can do "colonoscopies" and other procedures. What is the route to be able to do something like this? Is this part of a "+1 year" program?

Also, can someone list all of the "subspecialties" or "additional programs" that FM physicians can do to add to their practice? Are they all "+1 year" programs, or can they be longer, etc.?

(I read online about "Certificates of Added Competence". Are these the same as "+1 year" programs? Here is where I read about this: https://www.cfpc.ca/CAC/) (Is it possible to do any of these kind of programs in the U.S., and then come back to Canada? Or no?)

Also, can anyone outline the positives/negatives of doing these extra training programs? How commonly are they done? Are they more lucrative? How much so? Are they competitive? Ultimately, are they worth it?

Thanks for the clarification!


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You can do colonoscopies if you have the training, work rurally, and have the hospital privileges to do so.

For this specifically, either American trained FM doc with experience during residency or somehow access training as a Canadian FM in rural practice where there is a service gap.

Not common.

I don't think this is part of the +1 in surgery.

You can do almost anything you want as a family doc with regards to having a niche practice. Really depends on your interests.

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It's possible to get the training and do it, but the FPs who do colonoscopies would then typically work in a remote area that HAS an operating room but does NOT have a surgeon practicing in the city. Not many desirable places to live in which fit that description.

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