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On 6/26/2019 at 10:22 PM, m_jacob_45 said:

A pass is a 60 for written exams. It can be higher or lower for OSCEs, but is also generally around 60. There are not that many assignments overall. There is an exam at the end of each block and most have 1-2 midterms. So I think first year has about 5 total. 

How hard do you find it to pass? 

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Pass rate is 60% however 70% is where is recommended to perform as it correlates with better success on the LMCC (licencing exams).

The "hardness" to pass really depends on the individual, some may find it extremely easy to pass 60, whilst others may find it difficult to maintain a 60, and this all depends on a lot of factors (and btw, your grades on an exam do not mean you will make a better physician, but that you are good at taking a test!). Where you find yourself on the spectrum of "how easy is it for me to pass med school exams" will be clearer following your first semester of medical school. However there are many ressources that allows students to adjust based on their perceived level of difficulty with the curriculum (mentoring center, buddy program, Student Academic Success Service, to name a few).

Mr Duck

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