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Doing a U.S. FM Residency and Coming Back to Canada

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Hi all,

I am a Canadian student currently at a U.S. MD school and I am interested in FM. If I were to complete a U.S. FM residency, would I be able to return to Canada to live and work without any problems? Could someone outline the pathway to doing this? My goal would be to return to Ontario to live and work.

Are there some U.S. FM residencies that would not allow me to return to Canada? Or would the vast majority allow me to return? Also, someone on this forum mentioned that some provinces require "obstetrics" training for you to return. Do you know which provinces require this? Is Ontario one of them? How does this "obstetrics training" thing work when it comes to U.S. FM residencies and wanting to return to Canada? Would I be able to satisfy this requirement through my U.S. FM residency, etc.?

Is there anything I need to be wary of with regards to doing a U.S. FM residency and returning to Canada, etc.? (Like certain requirements I need to be aware of, other things, etc.?)

Any clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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