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I'm a 4th year biomed student at the university of Ottawa. My questions are: 

- Does NOSM use a weighted GPA system? Or is just my cGPA? 

- Is there a difference between the English and French applicants like there is at uOttawa?


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1. I’m pretty sure NOSM looks at a cumulative GPA (OMSAS and/or the NOSM website would be the official source for this info though)

2. I know there is a tick box (and extra essay question) on the application to apply as a Francophone applicant. However, I am not sure if this is a separate stream, or if it just gives you an advantage (I would guess the latter though - I don’t recall any reserved seats for Francophone or Indigenous applicants). Again - check OMSAS and the NOSM website for the officials policies. 

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