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UofT Resident: Application Review, Interview Prep & MCCQE Tutoring

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I am currently a UofT resident and previous UofT medical school graduate with experience as a file reviewer and interviewer for both medical school and residency. I was accepted to 8 Canadian medical schools and 2 American Ivy League schools. I am accepting new students to tutor this year as I really enjoyed getting to know prospective applicants and helping them highlight the unique aspects of their applications. Over the years, it was rewarding to see applicants get in and keep in touch with them throughout medical school.

This year, I also got the opportunity to tutor some colleagues who were second-attempt takers for the MCCQE 1, and I was able to help them study for common types of questions that tend to repeat with each exam, confusing PHELO scenarios, and questions that might seem 'random' (but are not so random if you have clinical experience). 

What I am offering:

1. Medical School Application Review & Interview Practice

I have experience with the application and interview process for the following schools: UBC, UofA, UofC, Western, Mac, Toronto, Queen's, and Ottawa. 

Rates: Whatever you can afford - it's an expensive process, so DM me and we can talk about how to make the best use of your time for the cost.

2. MCCQE 1 Tutoring

I am familiar with the new format of the exam and will share all my study materials free of charge if I tutor you (these materials alone probably costs hundreds of dollars). 

My score was 293 (pass score 226). I have scored above average in all categories with highest performance in Psychosocial & Professional Behaviours sections. I find people tend to think the Professional behaviours questions are the most 'random' but I have a lot of clinical experience in public health/ethics so this was my strongest section.

Rates: $70/hour

Available through Google Hangouts (preferred for share screen), Skype, Phone call or In-Person.

Send me a DM if you're interested and we can chat about how I can best help you!


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