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French Questions during the English Stream Interview

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Hi all, 

I am wondering if any body has advice on my current problem: I speak French decently well and have taken Core French (NON-IMMERSION) from Grade 4 to my third year of University. My issue is that I don't have a broad enough scope of the language (essentially the vocab) to talk in-depth about things like politics, MEDICINE, science etc. but I am more than capable of having a normal conversation. If I select on OMSAS that I am bilingual is it likely that getting nervous and messing up my French will tank the whole interview/disqualify me? Or would it be safer to select that I only speak English and then possibly speak about some of my french ECs if I am given the chance to (ie. In an english interview if they see and ask about some of my french ECs I can show that I do speak french to an extent)? Essentially I am just wondering what their classification of bilingualism is.... complete fluency like a native speaker? 

I know this seems confusing but I am just looking for a second opinion. Thanks!

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