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Hi guys! Much gratitude in advance for the replies/advice/insight!

I'm an M3 in Montreal, Med-P background, and only have eyes from Family Medicine. I just wonder too often whether, at this point, I'm strong enough of an applicant?

I have no research experience, but do have years worth of community involvement (mostly from before Med-P, about 1 years worth during) and my own health literacy initiative.
Apart from this, so far, my clerkship evaluations are good. I plan on pursuing electives that could help me refine skills that would make me a better Fam Doc. I am "well-rounded" with respect to my extracurriculars.

However, that is about it.

What can I do to make myself a stronger candidate? To match here in Montreal would be a dream, but I certainly will be applying broadly.

To summarize, here are some questions I would hugely appreciate having answers too. 
1) What makes a strong family medicine applicant?
2) Is research worth pursuing during M3/M4 given I have no previous experience?
3)  Are some strong reference letters more valuable than others (i.e surgery vs psych vs fam med)
4) What do you recommend as far as electives for a Fam Med applicant?

Thank you so much! Please excuse my anxious med-p energy (it's chronic).

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