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Meaning of "Course Description Website"

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Trying searching the forums for this, but couldn't find anything. I was hoping someone has insight into what is meant by "Course Description Website" in the UofT prerequisite section. Is this supposed to be a URL linking to a university-sponsored page that describes the course in any manner? 

For instance, I found a page for a biology course I've taken, but it is the page of a Health Sciences program, which I'm not in (though it is the same course). Would that be fine? I'm not even sure all of my pre-reqs have websites.



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My university posts syllabuses of their courses online so I linked them to that.

I've never seen any instructions or requirements but I think it should be on your university's website and adequately describe the course so that UofT can determine whether it fulfills the pre-req or not.

I think what you did is fine. 

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