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CARS prep long-term

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I'm currently in my 2nd year of undergrad. planning on writing the test my first time end of august 2020. I wanted to get your thoughts on studying for CARS long term. I want to dedicate an hour or so every morning during my commute to university to do practice CARS. then when April rolls around, I will likely study MCAT full time. Is this a good idea? I plan on using EK101 and JW for my morning readings and then transitioning to Q packs by the time summer rolls around when I'm doing MCAT full-time.

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It depends on your current performance on CARS at the moment. the best way to gauge that now is to just take the free TPR practice test under exam condition and see where you are with CARS. For some people, (me for example), CARS performance takes super long to develop and I improved from a 128 to 130 by doing a passage or two every day for a year (it won't be a waste of time if you're just doing that during commute). The other sections you can just study full-time for a few months to be ready, but CARS, for me, takes significantly longer to improve.

With all that said, if you go in and score a 132 on the TPR practice straight off, then just relax until your test rolls around next year ;)

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