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47 minutes ago, ABCD13 said:

Bump ** wanting to hear other opinions / advice :)

Might receive more feedback if you shared your MCAT, extracurriculars, or personal circumstances that would apply to any special programs (Ottawa's Social Accountability Initiative, Western's ACCESS pathway, being indigenous or black). Sorry if you've already shared and I'm not seeing it


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If you are also in your 30s now you have to consider whether you think this is worth it if you do another undergrad 


add on 3-4 years of that and then 4 years of medical college and then residency being 2-6 years and you could be a long way out and at that point is this even worth it?


a better option would be to apply on your own strengths now and have a backup plan in place (ie PA, etc)

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3 hours ago, ABCD13 said:

My age is definitely something I have considered! But after careful consideration... my age (and the length of time to achieve this) doesn't really daunt me since I genuinely love school. :)

I would only need 2 years for a new degree, but you are right, this entire process  would take a long time and a large chunk out of my life.

But I guess I don't mind that. I'm already married and my partner and I both long ago decided on not having any children. So basically... My only focus is to do what I love since I don't really have anything else that I have to consider (such as children.. finding the one, etc). I also have the financial support of my partner as well for me to go back to school full-time, etc. So I guess I'm not sure what would stop me from doing it, you know? I rather be in my late 30's with my dream job vs. any other job. :)

But yes, age is definitely a factor to consider but given my situation, I try to not let it get to me so much (a little hard sometimes, ha :P ) 


If I can ask how do you know this is your dream job? Or in particular what is exactly - being a surgeon? Or GP? Or radiologist. 

it sounds like your partner has a good job, you don’t want kids so you may as well just work. Although depending on what you chose it’s a lot of studying and long hours and nights. 

it’s one thing to start med school in your thirties - it’s another to go do an undergrad again with no guarantee of admission. 

I would just encourage you to think if there is another career path (even as a backup) that you could be happy doing that doesn’t require as many hoops that are uncertain or time to achieve. Honestly - medicine isn’t that great compared to everything else 

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