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Clarification with full time academic year

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So from my understanding,  for U of A, a full time is considered at least 9 credits each semester(Fall, Winter), although they require you to at least have 1 year of having 15 credits(5 course) each sem.


I just started looking at Calgary's definition of full-time again, the only thing i've seen so far is this and I can't find it anywhere on the application manual if there's a minimum number of required courses specifically taken at each Fall and winter semester:



In order for an academic year to be considered full-time, applicants are required to complete at least 24 credits from September through April.

Does this mean that U of C considers an academic year full time as long as its reaches the minimum 24 credits regardless of how many credits you take for each fall/winter semester? I just wanted to clarify since right now I'm taking 5 course each sem(15 credits ea) but i'm considering dropping 2 of my course right now in fall which would result in me having 3 course(12 credits) taken in Fall and still have 5 course during winter(15 credits) which would still all add up to 24 credits taken for this 2019-2020 Academic Year.  I just wanted to know if even if I drop to 3 courses in the fall and still do 5 in the winter, would they still consider that as "full-time".

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