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UBC Pharmacy Applications 2019/2020 - Class of 2024

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Starting a new thread for UBC's Entry-to-Practice PharmD, since I don't think anyone has created one yet (Class of 2024!).

This is for those intending to start the PharmD program in September of 2020!

If anyone has any comments or questions, please post below!

I will start by saying: am I the only one surprised that the personal profile requirement was removed? When did this happen?

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I also applied! I am currently in my third year at UBC :) 

When my friend who is currently in year 1 of pharmacy told me that her application had a personal profile I got worried that I did the wrong application haha. But yes I found that surprising as well. 

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19 hours ago, pharmdapplicant said:

I also applied and also thought that it was a mistake that the personal profile wasn't required..

I just paid for the supplemental application fee today but it didn't say i have to submit any documents. Is that the same for you guys?

yep, same for me! i was a little worried i did something wrong since it didn't ask for any additional documents aha

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