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Second Undergrad Degree? I'M LOST

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Hi everyone,

I am completely non-traditional. I did my first year at western, then switched to uoft, and did 4 years there. Total of 5 years (i'm completing my 5th year). I screwed up my entire undergrad, even have late withdrawals on my transcript and 3 fails. I have a projected cGPA for around 2.8 by the time I graduate. Basically, after getting 50s and 60s in first year, I became really depressed and gave up on my dream of getting into medical school and becoming a surgeon or a psychiatrist. I did my degree at uoft in psychology (which I love btw), and just gave up on medicine. But i had the sudden realization that some med schools in ontario do look at the second undergraduate degree, and there are people who have gotten in after taking this route. Anyways, I have struggled a lot with family and personal problems throughout undergrad and my focus was not properly on school. My EC's and research experience are really great, I just don't have the grades or the MCAT (i haven't written it). 

I have currently applied to the uoft msw program, and all the nursing programs I possible could, because if I don't get into med school with my second degree, at least my second degree could be in something that would land me a job and would still be in health care (nursing, then becoming a nurse practitioner). Anyways, my question is, what should I do my second undergrad degree in? I'll have a BSc in psych, so should i do another BSc but in something like biomedical sciences, or should I do a BA in something else? BScN? I've already taken a bunch of bio courses, but I would want to retake some of them since I did so crap in them. 

Please help. I realized I shouldn't have given up on my dream, and it's the one thing that I've always wanted but just lost hope for. I'm hoping I still have a fighting chance if I work hard and dedicate my life to getting in. 

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