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Speech impediments will they affect my medical school interview?

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Hi, So I want to go into a bs/md programs but I’m worried that in my interview, the fact that I can’t say my ‘r’ sound and I have a lisp will make me get rejected.Could this happen?An example is if I say “really” is sounds like “leally” and if I say “see” it sounds like “thee”. I’m very strong academically and with extracurriculars and shadowing but I’m worried about the interview.

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I think it depends on your lisp and how much it interferes with communication. I do know someone with a lisp (which was distracting at times) who is now in medical school. Ultimately, if your lisp makes it harder to follow or understand your speech by your interviewer (or your future patients), it can affect your interview (or future patient compliance / understanding). Another angle to look at it from is that everyone has different weaknesses — a lisp isn't that big of a weakness in comparison to other more hidden weaknesses that your competitors have. If, on an interview you are asked "what is one of your weaknesses", you could pull out this lisp and really make a stand-out impression on your interviewers. 

People have difficulty understanding people who mumble, or people who write messily. Are there doctors who are both of those? Definitely.

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