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Advice would be appreciated. My significant other (In province) has the follow grades:

MCAT: 131/130/129/126
cGPA: 3.84
Casper: Felt.. ok.. (From my understanding)
FYI they're only interested in applying within Ontario.

She applied last year and this year, both times receiving the dreaded "Regret". She feels discouraged given the 5K+ applicants each year, especially since she doesn't have top grades across the board, like others we hear of. Unfortunately CARS was her weakest area with a 126, but apparently she consistently scored 127 on the practices (Kaplan I think?). She feels CARS it's not really possible to study for and therefore can't improve her score (she claims her strategy was good). Maybe she got unlucky?

I think she has a chance, but she's discouraged. I'm trying to reassure her that she should keep trying and that rewriting the MCAT will in fact be beneficial. Do people likely improve on CARS the second time around? Advice on her situation would be greatly appreciated!


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See the class of 2022 stats here: https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/class-statistics/class-of-2022-stats.pdf?sfvrsn=2

Her GPA is just under the mean, so it's in range. Her CARS score of 126 is killing her though, as you can see only 6 people were admitted with a 126 or below (and theoretically had significantly better GPAs/Casper performance to bring their status up, or had other factors like alternative streams at play). It's definitely possible to work on your CARS score and your casper, although casper is a black box unfortunately so can only be inferred based on interview offers vs other stats.

In all honesty unless she retakes the MCAT she is very unlikely to get an interview.

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