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2020 UofT Dental school Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted

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They interview 180 people and accept 96. From previous years stats if you are in the top 20 of the waiting list you are pretty much guaranteed to get in. Which means 64% chance of acceptance for people who got an interview. They usually end up taking more than 20 people from waitlist so chill guys haha

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3.93 GPA

23 AA

22 PAT

Completing bachelors this year.

interview: I think i was substandard when I started off practicing. After lots of video calls and in person practice, I think I gained the skillset necessary to perform well. I was confident for 2/3 stations, and was slightly iffy about third. But in all three cases, there weren’t stuttering, rambling, and answers were quick, coherent, and to the point.

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