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Chance me with no interview thread

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With all due respect, this is pointless. We have no idea what the weighting will be, what the applicant pool this year looks like, etc... We also don't know how much weight other schools put on CASPer. 

All we know is last year's avg admitted GPA was 3.87 and the mean CARS was 129. Note that this is an average, not a minimum, I find it a little funny when people seem to think competitive=greater than the average... 

CASPer is a black box, so I don't think there's any reason to spend any time on it, there's nothing we can change or take away from the process except a 2 month wait. We know Mac has one of the highest post-interview acceptance rates, historically, and has 206 seats for 550 "interviewees", so we'll see what that ends up meaning. 


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Hey bestdressed, I understand if this is coming from a place of anxiety. My family and I have gone round and round in circles for hours talking about what McMaster could do to assess the applicant pool at this stage. But we really don’t know what they might do. All we can hope is that they will at least be transparent about their new non-interview assessment process. 

Try and take this time to take care of yourself and reconnect with your loved ones. Find your supports and take advantage of them. Personally, I’ve been playing a ton of Skyrim lol. Or go back to focusing on your school stuff, if you’re still in school. These are trying times, I know, but it’s probably more important than ever before to not be neurotic and overthink everything. 

Take care and I am wishing everyone the best of luck in the coming months. ❤️

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