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Is it true that medical school class presidents always match to their first choice?

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51 minutes ago, Bookmark311 said:

I heard that from a friend and wanted to get peoples opinion.

Always is such a strong word :)

No we don't (I was both  med school class president in one year, and medical school president in an other - which at Western is called the president of the Hippocratic Council. That was for the record a ton of fun and it really was a honour to serve my class, school and community). 

I mean usually anyone that is a class or president in medical school is going to do well in the match - they have ECs, usually have an handle on the academics,  and hopefully know how to get things done. 

however nothing if for sure, and such heavy involvement in ECs can detract from research or focused efforts in one specialty. I would never recommend going into student politics because you think it will help you match somewhere. You will probably hate it to start with as other people's problems become your problems. There are a LOT of late nights followed by long days. 



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7 hours ago, ChemPetE said:

Seems like a poor reason to try and become elected.

oh it's a horrible reason - which is why most gunners I know wouldn't go near it with a 10 foot pole ha.  Its hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, which could be spent instead publishing a LOT of research, or practicing skills/networking etc. 

Oh and for the record I didn't get my number one position - it was my second choice. CARMS is very strange - I didn't even get an interview at my home school ha. Now one could explain that one to me :)

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