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Prep 101 MCAT online prep course for a psych BA student

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice on prep courses, and more specifically Prep 101's online prep course. I'm a 4th year Psychology BA student from UWO who is planning on writing the MCAT in August/Sept for the upcoming cycle. I've began review with the Kaplan books and have been making my way through the Bio and chem books while supplementing my knowledge with Anki cards that correspond to each chapter. I haven't taken Orgo, Biochem, or physics, but do have some background in bio and chem so this process is a little bit easier. Additionally, because I'm a psychology student, I have a pretty thorough understanding of the psych/soc topics and my CARS knowledge/understanding is pretty decent as a result of lots of reading in the past + extensive undergrad research. The one thing I definitely am concerned about is the science aspect of the MCAT, so I was just looking for some opinions on the Prep 101 course to help me brush up on the science material so that I'm adequately prepared for those sections. 

I plan on studying all summer, with no other obligations so I'll have lots of free time + I'm somewhat self motivated so I don't think that should be problem. If anyone has any experience with this specific prep course I'd love to hear it, especially for someone without an extensive science background. Additionally, if anyone knows of any discount codes for the prep course that would be greatly appreciated (I've seen them floating around in the past, just unable to find a current one). Thanks :) 

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