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Whats going to happen this fall for the incoming class (given the COVID19 situation)?

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Hey everyone, hope you guys are staying safe.

So obviously I know that no one can say anything for certain and COVID isnt gonna be gone on our terms and when its convenient for us but ... what do you think will happen this fall for the incoming class? I got accepted to Uofa last cycle and deferred to finish my masters degree so I was looking forwards to orientation and meeting everyone and going to class etc etc for a whole YEAR and now it just feels like its not going to happen (my friends dad works in public health and he said lockdown might last as long as 18 months). I feel kind of selfish for saying that too because everyones affected and some people may have been starting a residency or something intense which requires even more in person presence. But any who... just hope this goes soon :unsure:

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