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Hello, I'm a second year science student at university of Manitoba and I have few of my core science courses to take in the future with some electives. To those of you who have applied to university of Manitoba dentistry, what electives did you take? (In need of GPA boosters XD)


Thank you in advance!

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Some electives I took:

Food Fact and Fallacies, HNSC 1200 (DO ONLINE)

Sports Psychology. PSYC 2660 (DO ONLINE, need 1st year Psyc) 

Behavioral Modification, PSYC 2440 (DO ONLINE, need 1st year Psyc)

These are definitely some of the booster courses in U of M but there are a lot more. such as KIN 1200. Although Genetics (BIOL 2500) is not considered a booster, if you enjoy biology its a pretty easy and fun course in my opinion.



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