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My Honest Review of Medapplications Application Editing Service

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I used Medapplications ~$4000 (+tax) "Comprehensive Canadian MD Application" course for Canadian Medical Schools.

The program basically connects you to residents who have experience working with the school you are applying to. 


The reviewers were very thorough when editing my application. They were also very kind and willing to help.They found areas in need of improvement and provided suggestions on how to make my application better. I have nothing but praise for those reviewers, and am very thankful. 


They say that they will give you a reviewer specific to the school you are applying to. Since I was planning to apply to 5 schools, I assumed that I would have 5 different reviewers , each focused on a specific application . Instead, they had their reviewers look at multiple applications each (so I only had 3  reviewers total).  


The administration was very poor.  AFTER I paid the $4000, it took the administration a long time to connect me to any of the reviewers (2-3 weeks). I thought this was completely unreasonable, as applicants need to be connected to our mentors as soon as possible so that we have the most amount of time to work on our application. I expect to have access to a service very soon following paying such an exorbitant price. Additionally, I had to contact the administrates every time I wanted to have access to the services that I had paid for (e.g. included consultations). Having to constantly follow up to get access to a service I had already paid for compounded the stress I was feeling because of the looming applications deadline. 

Take away: 

Overall, I would only recommend joining this program if money is not an object for you, and if you start the review process early in the summer (to allow for some administrative issues).

I believe it would be more worthwhile to find a medical student/resident willing to edit your application yourself (without the assistance of a company). This will be considerably more affordable, and you will immediately get access to one on one support.

Finding your own editor will also give you some flexibility. With medapplications, the reviewers can only work with the documents I sent them. I did not have the opportunity to speak to them and discuss my application.  Finding your own reviewer will allow you to discuss your experiences in detail with them, so that they can guide you into writing your best application (rather than editing what you send them as medapplications does).

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2 hours ago, indefatigable said:

Amazingly that's not even their most expensive package.  The 'Ultimate Canadian Medical School Application Preparation Program' will set you back ~9K (discounted from 14K).  



............yeah. well thank goodness for the discount. we wouldn't want any abusive pricing. 


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On 7/17/2020 at 3:49 PM, pnpclear said:

Holy cow. $4000???? This forum needs to get paid more...

I feel I should get paid for all the advices I gave for free :rolleyes:

(I'm joking btw, I would never ask any money for that!)

Funny story (not so funny though), I bought the B*Mo book to prepare for MMIs, and in it they say that their 40k$ program (you've read that right - but it's discounted at 18k right now, what a deal) doesn't advantage the wealthy people, and that the MMIs are causing more disparities than that. Lol. What a joke. Oh and they also try to make you believe that you can never be successful without it. I guess my advice is, don't buy that crap & don't give your money to these profiteers.

You guys can achieve whatever you want without paying so much on such a scam. You can do it by yourself & with the help on kind and generous people on this forum that are all willing to help you for free! 

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