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Confused about full-course load. Do I qualify to apply?

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I am confused about the information found on Western's application page. I emailed the admissions office, and they just copied and pasted the same page lol... 

  • First Year: 9 courses (4/5)
  • Second Year: 9 courses (4/5)
  • Third Year: 8 courses (4/4)
  • This summer: 4 courses

If I can apply, do I qualify for weighted GPA modifications?



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As I read it, you're ineligible to apply, let alone wGPA. Since:


It is acceptable to attend university on a part-time basis and still be considered for admission to the MD Program. However, given the rigorous nature of medical education, we require that two years be spent in full-time study (September to April) in which each year contains the minimum of five full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours), with at least three full course equivalents (18 credit hours) whose published academic level is at or above the year of study:

Part-time years cannot be considered for GPA, regardless of the requirements of degree programs. 

Applicants who complete a degree with a year amounting to less than a full course load cannot have that year considered for GPA.

Your only recourse would appear to take a full 4th year, apply after that, and then apply at the beginning of a 5th year using it as a conditional year. 

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Hey! The requirement is five full courses (i.e. ten single semester courses or anything equivalent) between the months of September and April. The courses you're taking this summer are not eligible to be counted towards reaching the full course load requirements.

Basically if you take 5 courses first semester and 5 second semester, or 4 first semester and 6 second semester, or some other equivalent combination you've met the requirements. Because you've taken less than 10 courses in each of your years you unfortunately won't be eligible to apply. 

If you were to take 5/5 (10 courses) in your fourth year and then complete a fifth year before graduating (with 10 courses), or a special year after graduating (with 10 courses) you'd be eligible!

I hope this helps clear things up!

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Unfortunately you won't be eligible to apply this year. As for future cycles, you can apply if you take 10 courses in your 4th and then 5th year. UWO only looks at your best two years of full course load. There's no weighted GPA.

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