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Pre interview scoring

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Hey, MUN student here.

Other universities (such as Dal) have a nice numerical breakdown of the weight of each part of the application is towards your final application score. For MUN, the short answer is no, there is no numerical breakdown for each item, only the adcoms would know these numbers. Their website indicates they have a more holistic approach to evaluating your application, with an emphasis on well-rounded strong academics, CV,  experiences/altruism being key for an interview invitation. See the averages on their website, and keep in mind the GPA/MCAT requirements will be more competitive if applying OOP (3.85+, 510+).

Having gone through their application process three times before receiving an offer (IP), I can offer some speculation. Once interviews are done, I believe the application is evaluated by taking all requirements into consideration, with the interview having the most weight for admission, as the case with most schools. If you have a strong interview, it can help you stand out despite other shortcomings in your application. In my case, despite having a below-average MCAT, I felt my interview was strong (lots of practice!), which I believe was the main reason I received an offer. On the flip side, I know folks who felt they had good interviews but were told in their application feedback meeting that their low MCAT or GPA were the main factors holding them back. That's one thing I like about MUN's admissions, they take the time to meet with those unsuccessful looking to reapply the following year.

One thing to also consider this year that is new is the implementation of the Casper exam for the first time. Some schools weigh heavily on the Casper for an interview offer (such as Mac or Ottawa), others just want to make sure you're not an outlier/below a certain cutoff (such as Dal). I suspect with MUN's holistic approach it could simply be a contributing factor among all application requirements when determining offers of admission, but that is just speculation. Best to aim to prepare well for that.

Hope that helps.

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