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Practice license for international board-certified physicians

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Hello everyone! 

I've spent days going through the licensure in Canada, I came to know that each province has its own requirements. I'm particularly interested in Saskatchewan, but little background first:

I'm an international physicians with MD from Saudi Arabia, finished my Saudi board in Preventive Medicine. Wishing to pave my way of working in Canada and acquiring a permanent residency. I'm familiar with both programs ,express and rural, but I want to get the licensing requirement out of the way. 

On cps.sk.ca, there are two options: 

2.7 In a specialty recognized by the RCPSC, but who are not eligible to challenge the certification examinations of the RCPSC 
2.8 In a specialty recognized by the RCPSC and who are eligible to challenge the certification examinations of the RCPSC


Q1: what does it mean to be eligible for RCPSC certification? I've seen RCPSC website and they provide an exam for Preventive Medicine, but since I have an option, is it required to do that exam? and does it open many options for licensing in other provinces? 


Q2: Do I need to do the MCCQE Part I? Or any other licensing exams? 


I would love to have answers specific to Saskatchewan's regulation, but PLEASE feel free to expand into other provinces. I'm all ears!  

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