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Queens Joins the CASPer Bandwagon

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All applicants will be required to write the CASPer test prior to the deadline date for submission of the application to OMSAS.

Please note that this is pending as we work with CASPer to implement this tool for this year’s admission cycle. CASPer test dates have not yet been posted for Queen's University. Please continue to check our website for further information and to confirm once this has been finalized.

CASPer is an online assessment for important attributes such as non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics and will complement the other tools that we use for our admissions process. In implementing CASPer, we aim to further enhance fairness and objectivity in our selection process.

For further details about the test, applicants should visit CASPer's website

Please note that CASPer scores are only available for one application cycle and the test is only offered on a select number of days. Applicants who have already taken the test in previous years are expected to re-take it. Exceptions will not be provided for applicants who are unable to take CASPer during one of the available test dates.

There is a separate fee for that CASPer test which is paid by the applicant directly to Altus Assessments. This fee is not included in the OMSAS/Queen’s application fee.

No update on how they'll integrate it as of now, maybe a trial-run year this time, but that makes 3/5 major Ontario schools CASPer schools. 

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I really disagree with this 

Having applied three times CASPer is without a doubt this worst, most ineffective screening tool I’ve ever seen. Especially with the increasing prep companies making their own “How to’s” to fake your way through the CASPer it’s just one more hurdle for people.

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