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I just finished filling out my workbook history but the gpa calculated by the excel sheet is way lower than my current gpa. I have about 3.9/4.3 and the workbook showed 3.6 for mcgill and 3.7X for the local gpa. What can explain that gap ? Anyone else had this problem ? Am I panicking for nothing ? Please send help.


EDIT: Idk what I did the first time but now it's working

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Are you 100% certain that you converted your grades properly? Is there any way that you could have incorrectly identified the school that you studied at (maybe the workbook internally doesn't know that you go to a school that uses a 4.3 scale? idk if thats possible since idk how the thing works)? If you have any A+s that are raising your GPA at your home institution, this could cause your McGill cGPA to fall once all the A+s are converted to As, but that wouldn't really explain the incorrect local gpa. Unless you've inadvertently made some sort of error I'm not really sure what it could be. Have you tried emailing admissions?

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