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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Got in on the 15th (not off waitlist, just late to the boards).


GPA: 3.92, 35R


I liked the school but thought the class was way too big and I just hate the traffic in Toronto. Will most likely be going with Queens!!!:D


edit: Got into Queens, Ottawa, Toronto

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Accepted (3:53 pm timestamp) - off waitlist


UTM campus (My preference)

3.85 OMSAS GPA, didn't bother calculating weighted (probably 3.9ish)

35 Q MCAT- 12 P, 10 V, 13 B

Felt great coming out of the interview - very relaxed & conversational, lots of joking - next thing we knew it was 45 minutes


Extracurriculars were good - VP of student government, currently a disability support worker, varsity soccer, phlebotomist at a fertility clinic, camp counsellor x 4 years, lifeguard, intramurals, hospital volunteering, exchange to Australia, lots of volunteering & activities within the School of Phys Ed


Also waitlisted at Mac & Queen's - will be accepting U of T and withdrawing from the other 2.

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Accepted to UTSG on May 15th


4th year UG applicant from U of T

40S, 3.95

Decent ECs with pubs and poster presentation at international conferences

Interview: It was very conversational and I enjoyed it. I came out liking UofT more than I thought I'd be - there is so much amazing things this school and Toronto have to offer!


Tough decision, but I've decided to decline this offer. Will be going to a school in the States.

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I just wanted to give hope to people with "low" GPAs and to let them know that there isn't some magical GPA that you need to have to get in.


Accepted at UofT with a ~3.53 cumulative GPA (May 15th acceptance, not off the waitlist). I also have a buddy who got into Mac with a ~3.42 (he does have 2 provisional patents though).


I remember feeling discouraged by some of the posts on premed101, and while you do have a smaller chance of being accepted with a low GPA, it's definitely possible. If you want to become a physician, don't give up. :):)




EDIT: complete stats.

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Sorry for the late post, but I thought it might be useful for future applicants.


Got off the waitlist on May 30th 11:44am


UG graduated 2011

GPA: 3.97 wGPA

MCAT: Flagged with VR 7

EC's: long terms involvement (3 yrs+) in sports, senior home, music and research; 2 pubs + 1 conference, research award and scholarships.

**I applied last year but was rejected pre-interview because of the way I presented my EC. Try to incorporate what you learn and associate back to CANMED roles within the given character limits.**

Essay: I wrote about an event which made me realize what medicine really is, and that medicine is really what I want (e.g. I believe medicine is more than just diagnosing and treating patients. It extends to having cultural sensitivities, compassion, intellectual curiosity, and collaborative skills). From here, I develop each of these characteristics and tie it back to my particular event that triggered me to pursue medicine. The most important advice I can give is to write it honestly, write it from the bottom of your heart.


Having a low MCAT score doesn't mean that you have no chance of getting in. Don't let it ruin your dream. I understand that it might be an uphill battle, but you'll get it one day if you keep being persistent! Average person takes multiple times to get in, so don't let couple of rejections get you down. I got rejected by all 3 schools I applied in the 2010/2011 cycle. It felt really bad when you see all those rejection letter in front of you, but keep your chin up and don't give up! :)


Good luck guys!! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.



Applied: Mac, UofT, UofO

Interviews: UofT, UofO

Accepted off the waitlist: Uoft, UofO

Attending: UofT

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I never filled this out cuz I was too pumped about Western. But I was accepted on the 15th of May. Declined my offer in favor of Western.


Top 2 years GPA: 3.95, cumulative is lower around 3.9

SWOMEN applicant

Accepted to London Campus

MCAT: 39 (PS-13/VR-12/BS-14)

ECs: A lot of clinical experience, volunteering, few clubs during undergrad.

Where you got interviews this year: UWO, U of T and 5 American medical schools of which I will be withdrawing.


Accepted at: UWO, U of T, UChicago Pritzker, UCSF, Yale, Northwestern, UPenn.


Attending: UWO!!!!!

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Finally get to post in this thread :D


Accepted (May 15th) to the downtown campus


UG graduated 2009

GPA: 3.82

MCAT: above cutoffs

EC's: exec of several student groups in undergrad, student governance, volunteering,research work, intramural sports, etc...

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Accepted May 15 to SG campus, finally got around to posting today :S


Grad applicant

3.70ish undergrad GPA, 4.0 grad GPA

Verbal flagged

EC- LOTS, combo of unique experiences as well as leadership, research, awards etc. I think if you follow your passion, you can have a pretty strong/unique application.

Essay- Worked on this a LONG time. I think the bottom line is to be honest about why you want to be a physician and try to let them see who you are. I knew this would be my ticket, so I tried to make every word count.


If you know in your heart that you want to be a physician, know that there is always a way. Do what you love to do and live your best life, and perhaps you will open some doors along the way :)


Accepted the offer from U of T

Excited to meet my new 258 friends in August :D

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Regrets (post-interview)


4th yr UG at UTSG. 1st time applicant.

wGPA: 3.95

VR: 8 (flagged)

ECs: Research (no pub), Canadian Red Cross, humanitarian relief missions, built houses in Laos, volunteer at a downtown hospital (~200 hrs), organized lots of seminars, workshops and fundraising activities etc

Essay: Thought it was great. Got me an interview.

Interview: Could have been much better. Guess I did not express why I wanted medicine clearly enough...


Got into a one-yr Masters program. Hoping to apply next yr again as a masters student, with publications (currently working on one). Did well in 4th yr, with GPA of 3.99, so wGPA becomes 3.98 next cycle. Trying to stay positive mentally... :o , though some of family and friends are telling me to go abroad (US, Carribbean, Australia etc). Will try harder for canadian med for a couple of yrs first, before deciding...

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cGPA: 3.84

wPGA: 3.93

MCAT: 11 PS, 10 VR, 11 BS, Q WS


ECs : 3 years of research, 5 conference presentations, TA'ed 6 courses, executive on a couple clubs, videographer at university and external organizations, helped develop courses at UofT, Tutor, hospital volunteer, campus Red Cross/Charity work, Student Advisory panel for new professors at UofT, a few awards, currently working at UofT as a Lab Technician, Lab Volunteer Coordinator and TA for 6 courses

Year: completed undergrad but not a grad student


Essays: Felt good about all but one. Spent weeks drafting and finalizing them.




I'll go die now

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ACCEPTED !!!!!! My first choice!


Non-traditional applicant - completed thesis-based Master's degree and have now been working in academia for 2 years

cGPA: 3.35 - not eligible for weighting formula

MCAT: 39R (13PS, 12VB, 14BS)

ECs: 5 papers published, about 10 abstracts, oral presentations, scholarships, volunteering in hospitals, local community, tutoring/teaching high school for 5 years...etc...


Interview wasn't perfect, but casual and quite good.


I actually work on St. George Campus now (for the last 2 years) so I don't even have to go far!

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ACCEPTED St George!!


Thank you Jesus!!!!


cGPA 3.84

wGPA ~3.91

MCAT > cutoff

ECs: mostly research (2 pubs 10+conference abstracts), research scholarship, music (10+ yr guitar, composition, contests, charity), hospital shadowing/volunteering

Interview: very laid back, tried to be honest about everything they ask...45min


Congrats everyone!!

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Result: Accepted!

Campus: St. George

cGPA: 3.98

MCAT: 36T (13 PS, 13 VR, 10 BS)

ECs: Lots of research, jobs, music, sports... generally just lots of things I enjoyed doing over the years :)

Year: Graduated last year, worked this year

Essays: Felt good about them.

Interview: Felt like U of T was my best interview overall. Great atmosphere, very comfortable.


Congrats to everyone! Now it's time to make a tough choice... Also got into Mac, which was tied with UofT as my top choice. Either way: I'm excited to meet many of you!

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St. George Campus


So. Excited.


wGPA: 4.00


ECs: pretty diverse, with long time commitments. They reflected the things I enjoy doing. Part of this included research, poster presentations, and hospital volunteering. But not everything is medical related.

Interview: I felt like it was my best one.


U of T was my top choice, so this was a relief after some waitlists and rejections this morning :)

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I just received regrets (9:00 am Ontario time).


GPA: 3.99


ECs: Diverse and long-term, but weak on research.


Best of luck to the rest of you!


Regrets here too


GPA: 3.85


ECs: fairly mediocre

Essays: fairly strong

Interview: terrible


Cheers everyone who got in. :rolleyes:

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i cant believe im actually posting this.....


accepted, St. George campus


wgpa: >3.95


ECs: some research experience, one publication, 3 yrs of hospital volunteering, 10 months of clinical placement as part of my program, some student club positions

Essays: focused a lot on my clinical experience, tried to emphasize diversity

Interview: i felt bad walking out to be honest...and i really thought i said something inappropriate, but i guess u never know


5th time applicant, surprisingly i feel so....calm......= =

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Regrets :(

3.97, mcat at/above cutoff

non-trad 1st time applicant

After OOP rejection at Calgary I was holding out hope for U of T as my only other chance, but I guess this isn't my year. I was accepted to Mac's MSc Global Health and will probably attend. If anyone else was accepted to this program or knows more about it, PM me.

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3rd year

Research with nothing published, Residence Staff, Sports, Student government.


I was surprised to get an interview as I felt my letters were shaky and my ECs were average.


Interview: Meh

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