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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Result: Accepted to MAM! (did put 'no preference')

Time Stamp: 9:19 AM EST

Interview Date: Mar 12
GPA: 3.81 (I'm sure I'm one of the lowest...)
MCAT: met cut off but barely
ECs: Long term volunteering +7 years, campus club founder/leader for 2 clubs, nationwide human rights activism, facilitate conferences, research 4+ years, 2 publications, etc

Essays: felt good about the essays
Interview: First time interviewing at U of T, and felt bad after the interview. I would love to talk to the interviewers again though.
Year: Non Trad OOP (2 yrs since UG grad)


I'm so excited to study medicine, especially benefiting rural health and policy. 3rd year applying, it did pay off!

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Accepted to St. George!

Time Stamp: 9:23 AM

wGPA: ~3.97

MCAT: 517, met all cutoffs 

ECs/ Essays: Not much research, but long term commitment to things I enjoyed. Essays were out of the box, tried to make them as unique as possible.

Interview: Felt like it went well but couldn't help questioning all my answers afterwards.

Year: 4th year undergrad, IP


Will likely be accepting :)

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Accepted to St. George!

Time Stamp: 9:20 AM

wGPA: 4.00

MCAT: 36 

ECs/ Essays: Pretty well rounded, included volunteering, research, leadership, advocacy etc. Spent about three weeks on the essays to polish them up. 

Interview: Felt really good, definitely my best one. One station felt a little weak at the start, but the others were great. 

Year: 3rd year UG, IP

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Time Stamp: 9:18 AM

wGPA: 3.95 

MCAT: 11/11/10

ECs/ Essays: Engineering background, research experience and volunteered at the hospital. Spent a month preparing the essays and felt confident about them.

Interview: Spent a lot of time reflecting on my strengths and experience prior to the interview, and felt that I had an opportunity to showcase them. That said, of course there was also plenty of doubt following the interview. 

Year: 2nd year MASc


This is a dream come true! Can't wait to meet everyone. Good luck to future applicants, hard work will pay off!! 

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Accepted to St. George!

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to post on this thread after 4 application cycles.

UofT is my first choice and will be accepting.


Time stamp: May 10 at 9:19am

cumulative GPA: 3.74; not eligible for weighted GPA, as I dropped a course in second year. Otherwise would be ~3.84

Old MCAT: 10PS/11BS/9VR


Essays: Spent about a month working on them and had my friend review them

ECs: Honours project, Summer research scholarships (1st author pub), Master's degree (2nd author pub and 3 conferences), Provincial scholarships for research, 2 years in Student Council, ~5 years volunteering in science outreach, ~3 years volunteering in hospital, won several community service awards, worked as a lab tech, worked for government, etc.

Year: MSc. completed


Interview: I felt very good afterwards. Three stations went really well and the last station I had one so-so answer. Spent quite a bit of time preparing for the interview (~2 months). For future applicants, I would highly recommend getting together with others to practice doing MPI/panel/MMI. The practices I had with the facebook group for UBC and Toronto this year were very helpful. 

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Accepted @ St. George


Time stamp: May 10th, 9:19 AM


Undergrad cGPA: 3.90; wGPA: 3.93

MCAT: 12PS/12BS/10VR

Essays: Spent ~1 month working on them + ABS. Made sure every word was important. Had people take a look and critique essays. Revised many, many, many, (many) times.

ECs: Non-trad undergrad program, currently working. Involved in various ECs while I was in school (student council, tutoring, frosh week, research projects). Spent a couple years working in a medical setting (+ 3 first author pubs out of it) in addition to leading some new community initiatives outside of work. 

Interview: Felt really good about all the stations. Also met with a group of interviewees for ~2 months for mock interview practice. Despite stereotypes about premed students, met amazing peers who gave helpful and constructive feedback. You guys rock!

Year: 2 years post-bachelors degree

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Accepted to MAM!

Time stamp: May 10th, 2016; 9:22 AM


cGPA: 3.79

wGPA: 3.92


Essays: REALLY spent time working on them! I had a few people critique it but spent tons of time on them! Started writing it mid summer! 

ECs: Nothing too spectacular, few long term volunteering places in a medical setting, no publications but volunteered in multiple labs, part time job and a few fun things (exec on a movie club/participated in swing dancing) 

Interview: -____- Walked out of it and told my parents to give up hope. Thought it went HORRIBLY. 

Year: 4th year UG


Never expected this! God is good! :D


Edit: Adding a few things that may have been important:

- LORs: I had 2 that I knew were extremely strong. They were profs whom I had researched under and they were really really rooting for me! Since UofT cares about references I think it may played a role.

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wGPA: not sure but >3.9

MCAT: 12B/11V/11P

Essays: Learned what they were looking for, and did lots of editing/revisions to make them well written and targeted for their criteria.

Interview: Amazing. Conversations became casual and engaging. A couple interviewers even remarked on how good the conversation was.


5th year PhD in neuro, with plenty of research/scholarships/leadership and long term community involvement.


I did my undergrad at U of T and wanted to come here for med when I was younger. While I'm absolutely thrilled with the out come, that I've finally 'made it', I'll likely decline. I also got Mac, Western + Queen's wait-list, but I've always leaned towards Mac. PM me if you can help me chose :)

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Accepted (to St George Campus), 3rd time applying

Time Stamp: 9:22 AM

wGPA: 3.9 (not sure if eligible, otherwise 3.6)

MCAT: 33 (12/10/11)

ECs/ Essays: Ironically, I spent a lot less time than in previous cycles, but I did feel I struck a good balance this time around.

Interview: Seemed to go well, though it was my only one so I'm not sure.

Year: Completed 2 bachelors and 2 masters. I likely got in because of productivity/the graduate application, and possibly the essays...my stats are really quite poor otherwise.

UofT was my first choice, but I will be declining the offer.

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Accepted to St. George!!!!

Time Stamp: 9:18 AM

wGPA: not sure? >3.9

MCAT: met all cutoffs (PS 9)

ECs/ Essays: Had some friends help edit and just went with my gut feeling.

Interview: Felt good coming out of it. Like others, starting doubting myself in the weeks between interview day and yesterday, but again went with my gut feelings and it all worked out :)

Year: Final year of Master's


This is my 3rd application cycle after being waitlisted 2 times before at other schools. U of T is my dream school and I'm so excited to meet everyone and start this new chapter! :D For those on the waitlist this year, don't give up hope. While this year may not be the year, what they say about the average applicant having to apply 3x seems to be true... I think I learned a lot from my previous cycles and it has only helped me to continue to grow. Keep persevering and you'll reach your goal!

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Result: Accepted to St George!

Time Stamp: 9:18 AM EDT

wGPA: 3.91

cGPA: 3.72

MCAT: 11 10 13 (PS VR BS)

Interview Date: Mar 12

ECs: Biomedical research in UG/Grad, clinical research, lead on a QI project, publications, conferences, awards, TA, leadership roles in UG/Grad, medically-related volunteering, employment at a hospital, sports and other fun stuff. Filled all of the available ABS slots with things that are meaningful to me.

Essays: I worked really hard on the essays, I spent about 2 months with them and had them edited by a few different people. I learned the CanMEDS roles really well and tried to think critically about what attributes the application reviewers wanted to see in each essay, based on the way to question was phrased. Tried to be unique and highlight my own experiences to a small degree in each essay, but focused mainly on the point that the essay prompt was asking us to address. 

Interview: Mixed feelings about this. Felt good about 2 stations, decent on one, and thought I really messed up on one. Had convinced myself I had messed it up and was surprised to receive an offer! 

Year: MSc. Finishing up soon. 


Really excited! More than anything, I have this huge sense of relief that almost makes me feel weightless. For anyone facing rejections this cycle, please try again!! It's all worth it eventually. This is my second application cycle, and third year since applying. I was rejected 11 times before receiving an interview. I'm so happy and humbled to finally have this opportunity. I have been offered a seat at Queen's as well. I was so impressed by Queen's and had such a great time there, but Toronto was my first choice going into this cycle. It's a tough choice but so far I think I'm leaning towards Toronto...

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Result: Accepted to MAM (first choice)

Time Stamp: 9:22 am

wGPA: did not qualify

cGPA: 3.91

MCAT: 12/10/10

Interview Date: February 28th

ECs: Varied across all categories. Very extensive employment, and almost no research experience.

Essays: Thought they were just ok when I wrote them, but when I looked at them a few months later I think they were actually pretty decent. Tried to approach all questions in the most non-conventional way that I could

Interview: Thought it was mediocre, as I only thought one station went decently. I completely botched an answer in my first station and got called out on it by the interviewer, and then when I finished the station they said good job. Goes to show that post-interview self-evaluations are useless.

Year: 4th year undergrad


Never thought I would get into UofT given my lack of a full course load. Nevertheless, extremely excited to be given this incredible opportunity. Will likely accept this offer. 

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Result: Accepted to St. George (Ranked first)

Time Stamp: 9:15 am

wGPA: 3.96

cGPA: 3.91

MCAT:  520 (132/129/129/130)

Interview Date: April 10th (same day as Mac)

ECs: Founded two non-profit organizations, worked in boston in Nanoparticle research (two pubs), 

Essays: Went great, tried to put as much personal experience as I could into them (also placed a large emphasis on CANMED roles in each essay). Edited 10+ times before sending it in. 

Interview: Had my interview the same day as Mac, but I felt pretty great coming out of each room. I may have slipped up one or two times on the introduction (social faux paus) but for the most part went very well. Spoke about my personal experience whenever possible.

Year: Graduated in 2014, took 2 gap years to get it right! (thank beejesus, don't think i could survive another gap year)

So lucky to have gotten UofT. I'm ecstatic!

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Result: Accepted (St. George Campus - Ranked First)
wGPA: 3.89

cGPA : 3.82

MCAT = 514 (129/127/130/128)

Interview Date: February 28th (?)

Interview Feelings (Edit): It went VERY well (best out of all my schools...and past school...and any job I have ever applied to...) but again part of that is probably just how nice the interviewers were

ECs: fairly extensive, varied and extremely applicable to medicine, pm for details

Essays: Thought they were decent...better than last year's essays...more depth from a different perpsective

Year: Graduated 2014, Non-Trad Allied healthcare professional


Will be accepting this offer as my fist choice didn't quite pan out (however still an amazing choice and amazingly lucky to gain admission, can't wait to meet my fellow classmates!)

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Accepted - St. George Campus (1st Choice)

Time: May 10, 9:20 AM

GPA: 3.92

MCAT: 512

Interview Date: April 11th

Interviews: Felt fine, really enjoyed speaking with each of my interviewers, all super friendly

ECs/Essays: Elaborated on a variety of my ECs that showcased different skills


3rd Year UG

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Accepted St. George Campus

wGPA: ~3.91 (adjusted), 3.8 (regular)

MCAT: 10B/11V/12P

Essays: I just tried to show brilliance and wit. I am an engineering grad, so I don't know if that's remarkable.

Interview: Good, but nervous. I came across as intense, but articulate and I had a mix of narratives demonstrate dedication and hardwork / soft skills.


This was my first choice, but I am still a little bummed about having to leave Vancouver. Looking forward to listening to more Drake.

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Accepted off the waitlist to St. George!

Time Stamp: 2:18 PM

wGPA: unweighted 3.93, weighted around 3.98 I believe

MCAT: 12B/10V/14P

ECs: teaching assistant, orientation week, hospital volunteering, varsity track, intramurals, research (no papers), job at a home care company, student counselling, volunteer at Alzheimer and Epilepsy societies

Essays: worked hard on them for about two weeks, had a school counsellor read them over and help me edit them. This is my second year applying so I had some of the essays pre-written from the previous year so I didn't have to spend as much time this round. I tried to incorporate as many extracurricular activities as possible (that related to the CanMeds roles) while making sure I answered the questions.

Interview: 1 went really well, 2 were okay, 1 went horribly, overall better than my performance last year

Year: 1 year after completed BSc

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Result: Accepted to St. George 

Time Stamp: May 10, 2016

Interview Date: April 10
wGPA: 3.82
MCAT: above cut-offs

ECs: Wide-ranging. PM if interested

Essays: A little scattered, took some liberties with the question asked, and assumed a couple controversial interpretations
Interview: Felt OK: tried to answer sincerely and honestly
Year: MA (course-based) completed





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Accepted off the wait list to St.George!!

Time stamp: Wednesday, May 25. 2:20 PM

GPA: unweighted 3.78

wGPA: unsure but prob ~3.85

MCAT: 10B/9V/10P

ECs: Average...lots of sports, research and employment entries. Also long term clinical volunteering and exec on multiple clubs.

Essays: Felt really great about them, got 2 med students and 2 PhDs to read over and edit. Took me about 2 weeks overall, tried to incorporate from CanMeds as much as I could without overkilling it.

Interviews: Felt pretty good about 3/4, the last one felt kind of meh. My greatest advice is to practice practice practice. I had a friend who I met with everyday and we would help each other out. Also great to do mock interviews.

Year: Just completed MSc


I'm still walking on cloud nine. This is my third time applying and I wanted to post here to give people faith. It can happen, do not give up on your dreams!!!

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Time stamp: May 10

cGPA: 3.99

MCAT: above cutoffs

ECs: Felt average, execs on clubs, research (no publications), volunteering

Essays: Spent a lot of time on them, got several med students to read. Tried to use personal or relevant medical examples and edited many times

Interviews: Felt like 3/4 interviewers were cold or unreadable and spent the following 2 months worrying about that. Just goes to show how little your post-interview feelings can correlate with how you actually did! 

Year: 3rd year UG


Ecstatic! Top choice :)

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Added for data in later cycles


Result: Rejection

Time stamp: 9:29am

wGPA: 3.97
MCAT: 13/10/14
ECs: Work in a research lab (1 semester), cancer centre within a hospital (2 summers), orientation week leader and student society executive, co-authorship on one paper published, volunteering at a hospital for 3 years, shadowing a family doctor

Interview: My final interview and I think my performance was mediocre at best. Not very convincing answers, and I think that this is what did me in.
Year: UG 4th year

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