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Guest Ian Wong

Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Posting for stats :)

Result: Accepted

Stream: French

Time-stamp: 6:29am

wGPA: 3.96

CASPer: Felt okay about it but found it difficult to know how well I did relative to everyone else. I have decent typing speed and remember writing a fair amount for each question. This was my first time writing CASPer but I did a few practice tests (in English) and saw significant improvement with each one.

ECs: Research (NSERC+pub), couple of student leadership things (i.e. charity fundraisers/awareness campaigns), volunteer for government organizations (but overall probably not much volunteering compared to some), lots of sports (competitive athlete; international/national competitions), decent amount of physician shadowing, few jobs here and there (landscaping, tutoring, RA, etc). 

Interview: I actually felt good about the interview. I got along nicely with my panel and was rarely pushed by follow-up questions or anything like that. Following the interview I definitely doubted some of my answers (thought I could have said more in some cases) but thankfully it worked out :)

 Year: 3rd year undergrad

Geography: IP

Good luck to everyone else! 

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