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FAQ: Should I Rewrite the MCAT (And other MCAT Score related Questions)

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20 hours ago, syncbag said:

508 the first time (126 CARS)

515 (128/127/129/131) the second attempt

cGPA: 3.92


I wouldn't rewrite. Unless you can get CARS up even more.

You meet the cutoffs for UofT and it appears Queens as well (in the invite thread everyone had at least a 126ish in each section and you have an overall score that is in line with those invited). You have a good cGPA so combined with a 127 CARS, CASPer is key. Ottawa doesn't look at the MCAT so you're fine in that way. The only school you're ineligible for is Western. You could try applying to schools outside of Ontario as well if you look at their requirements.

Honestly, I'd say your best bet is focusing on your EC's and CASPer in the meantime. Pursue things you like and unique experiences to set you apart. Your GPA and MCAT are good, now it's just about standing out from the crowd.

It takes an average of 3 application cycles to get into Canada, so don't give up!! :) 

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On 3/25/2018 at 7:06 PM, syncbag said:

even if I already have 2 attempts? 

I would research into the schools you plan on applying to. Do they look at highest score, or most recent (is it worth a risk to retake?) The schools I applied to looked at highest, so it didn't matter that I wrote mine 4 times haha! 

I went in with 522 and a 3.8 with no interviews anywhere but Queens so it could be worth a shot trying if you're not applying somewhere that looks at most recent score (and you're worried about dropping). 

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On 6/5/2018 at 10:51 AM, clever_smart_boy_like_me said:

Do the schools that review the highest score see how many times you've written - Does it matter if you have multiple attempts? 

Is Queen's apparent CARS cutoff ~127? Is 511 a good score for them (127/127/128/129) with a 2yGPA OF 3.95 (OOP)?

I think Queens takes your best score, while the rest take the most recent. Multiple attempts don't matter unless you are applying to the US. 

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Hi, I really conflicted about rewriting. 

MCAT: 510: 126/127/129/128 (second attempt, previous was 499) 

cGPA: 3.6 
2YrGPA: 3.9 

I know that im not qualified for Western due to the CARs cut-off, Queens I might have a shot and Mac/Ottawa are out of the question. Toronto i dont have quite the best GPA. I feel like re-writing can open more options for me, but I don't know if I can get higher on CARS. Thanks in advance. 


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