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Many consecutive posts in this thread

By the same users after themselves

Instead of using just one post

To express even the same idea

Therefore I cleaned up the thread

And merged many of these posts

With other posts by those users.

I was thwarted only by Muse.

Because apparently a character limit exists.

I hope this makes this thread

Much easier to follow and read.




There were too many

Posts in a row by people

Now there aren't.

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A newbie mod to clean up

the thread, arbitrarily linked unrelated posts

making each original post a farce.

Hey, he has the real power.

I am only the thread creator

who knows the intent of thread.


Rather than leave the mess created,

I deleted the horrible linked posts,

thereby cleaning the mess he created.

What he did made no sense.

We could have had PM exchange,

but mods have power to impose

their will whether justified or not.

I hope he will use his

discretion more thoughtfully in the future.

We are all works in progress. :)

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