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Guest Ian Wong

Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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Guest diakonos

I'm originally from Toronto, Ontario and finished 4th year of UofT in Biology. This is my 2nd time applying to U of T.


I was accepted at: UofT and UofA

rejected by: too many schools to name here...

and waitlisted by: UofO (French class)


My first choice: is U of T. :D


My Undergrad GPA was: 3.82 (OMSAS), 3.90 (U of T Calc) and MCAT (VR/PS/W/BS): 8,12,R,10.


Beyond excited about starting...it has been a long tough 4 years...taking August off for the most part!


See y'all soon...

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Guest sunshinegurl

Hello all! I am from Calgary, and I just finished my 4th year at Queen's. I was accepted to Alberta...what a thrilling e-mail! This was my second time applying. (The first year I applied I didn't get one interview...so there is always hope!)



My GPA = 3.9

MCAT = 34Q

I was accepted at Alberta, Queen's, Ottawa, Calgary, waitlisted at Western, and rejected by U of T pre-interview. Of the schools I applied to I would like to attend...Western, Ottawa or Alberta...I can't decide.

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Guest PreyOnWords


I am from Edmonton and I just finished my physiology degree at the University of Alberta. I was accepted by University of Alberta and this is my second time applying. First time I was rejected pre-interview (My MCAT sucked). I sound very similiar to the person above............

cGPA= 3.80

Pre-Reg GPA= 3.85

MCAT= 31R (Second time around)

Volunteer Experience: For those of you who know me this would give me away all too easily. So I will just say that I am involved in the emergency services and have been for the past 4 years on a 'volunteer' basis............


I was also waitlisted at Calgary and Winnipeg. UofA was my first choice, so I will be attending this fall!!!!

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Guest sukhbinder

Hey Everyone,


I just finished my 4th year at Queen's Uni in Life Science. I was also accepted to Alberta. I am an OOP applicant.


cGPA: 4.0

pre-reqGPA: 3.97

MCAT: 34Q (7 in verbal)


Other schools: pile of waitlists + 1 rejection (Northern)


Unless U of T gives me an offer, I will most likely be coming to Edmonton in August!

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Guest smurfette99


I was accepted :) AB resident, BSc in Public Health from ON


MCAT: 10PS 12V 12BS P(W) = 34P


prereq GPA 3.9

CGPA 3.85 (UofA Calculated)

(The U of A calculation saved my butt lol)


Other Schools: Rejection UofC, Rejection many many many states schools. This was my only interview.


I got in with NO research experience! Just LOTS of volunteering, so all of you who hate reserach, take heart :)

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Here are my stats (I've been dreaming about putting them up after I was accepted....here I go):


In province applicant, graduated last year from undergrad (BSc Kinesiology from UofA), 4.0 overall and pre-req GPA.



PS = 11

Verbal = 12

BS = 10

Written = R


I was accepted, this my first time applying and I will be taking the offer. I had no research experience, just lots of various extra-curricular stuff.

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I was just accepted as a second year, in province applicant:


GPA (Pre-req & cumulative): 3.9

MCAT: BS 12, PS 14, VB 12, R

ECs: 3 summers of research, hospital volunteering, involved in a student group


My interview went fairly well, I made a couple of jokes to get them laughing, which luckily worked (the Oilers were playing badly, so when they asked me about a local issue that I was very concerned about, I told them the way the Oilers were playing). I definitely had a couple of dumb moments, but thats to be expected.


This is my first time applying to medical school, and I only applied to the U of A.


Sooooooo excited... good luck to everyone!

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I started another thread but I will post my stats on here. I am a 4th year BCEM major at the U of C.


I think my pre-req was 3.9

Overall for 4 years was 3.85 (bad second year)

MCAT: 11PS 10VR 13BS

Decent extracirrcular/leadership/volunteering


And I thought my interview was alright, made a couple jokes, just really showed them who I actually was. U of A was my first interview, and I thought it went the best.


I was waitlisted at UofC and Queens and I am pretty sure I got rejected from UWO.


Hopes this helps and keep the hope alive.

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Hey there, I've been mostly lurking this page for a while


I was accepted about...10 minutes ago as a 3rd year in province student

cGPA 3.9

prerequ 3.8


Extracirrics: keep me busy

Interview: was impossible to know how it went!

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Hey there, I'm a grad student (MSc) in microbial genetics. I got accepted just now (an hour and a half ago) at the U of A.


cGPA 3.8

prerequ 3.78


Extracirrics: some hospital volunteering, blood services, tutoring

Interview: I thought that it went alright...I rambled a bit, but I wasn't too nervous going in. No awkward moments, or anything of the sort.

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I just got in at the U of A. I was a U of A graduate in the IP 4th year applicant pool. The smile on my face won't go away and it's hard to talk... OK, here are my stats:


pGPA: 3.9

cGPA: 3.8


EC: Couple of competitive sports teams, one summer of research, and volunteering with student groups...


I felt the interview went poorly; I felt I babbled and stumbled on words too much. You REALLY cannot tell how the interview went. Seriously! I'm in utter shock and disbelief right now--but also, incredibly happy!!! I don't think I'll forget this morning anytime soon!!!



EDIT: Oh ya, I was also accepted at U of C, and rejected pre-interiview at U of S.

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I got rejected at the U of A, I am 4th year In province student, yeah and I did cry myself to sleep and am still breaking down everytime I think about it,





preGPA - 3.78

cGPA - 3.8


Interview - I thought I got some really stupied questions but I did my best, I thought I did well I still made them laugh and have a good time. But I got No ethical questions and I spent a lot of time preparing for those.


Its my first time and I will be back next year it seems like another long ****like year for me, but in reality life sucks and I got to get used to it. Plus I am rewriing the MCAT in 4 weeks hoping to get at least 35 this time around.

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I'm an Alberta resident finishing up my MSc. My prereq GPA was 3.82, my overall GPA was 3.7, and the MCAT scores I used were:


Physical Sciences: 11

Verbal: 10

Biological Sciences: 12

Written Sample: M (:eek:)


I had re-written the MCAT and scored a 30P, but the MCAT scores above were higher for U of As calculation.


I was accepted by Alberta and McMaster, waitlisted by U of C. This is my second time applying to this school, but fourth time applying to med schools overall!! Talk about perseverence and/or obsession!


Of all the schools I applied to, I'd like to attend U of A as my first choice.

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The final nail in the coffin so I can move on,


I got rejected post interview at both UofA:( and UofC, 4th IP from Calgary. First time applying this year. Rejected pre-interview at Toronto, Queens, and Western (didn't meet MCAT VR cutoffs). Of all schools I applied to, UofA was my number one choice.


cGPA: 3.9 (UofA cut my 2nd year. 1yr: 3.91, 2yr: 3.78, 3yr: 3.91, 4yr: 3.94)

prereq GPA: 3.93

MCAT: 36P 14PS-8VR-14BS-P (third attempt, studied on my own, using Kaplan material and AAMC tests)

first attempt written after first year which I don't recommend 10-6-10-N

2nd attempt done with Kaplan course 11-7-12-O


Verbal has always been a problem for me.


EC: a couple years of hospital volunteering, trained some volunteers there, 2 years of tutoring high school students, 1 summer of research.


Weak in leadership activities and in employment only had one other job besides summer research. I also lack in the diversity of experiences I have.


I thought the interview went well, but that's what killed my chances this year. I can't think of anything else. A big congrats to everyone who made it in this year. I've got a whole year to think about what's weak in my application. I am definitely going to re-apply again next year!:o

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Hi everyone. ppl who know me in the slightest will recognize me...

I just finished my degree at UofC in biochem.


cGPA: 3.9 (I love how they truncate these things..grr, they should round, not truncate)

prereq: 3.99

MCAT: 12/9/12 R

EC/vol: i do a fair amount on and off campus, with a focus on teaching and leadership. i really like the phonelines at crisis centres.

Research: fairly active here too, with a couple of summers/semesters in it since HS

Interview: this was my first interview, and probably the one that went the worst..the guys actually told me --repeatedly-- during the interview to be more concise. <shudders> atleast they told me, instead of letting me ramble around the point. my interview i felt was a little short, at around 35min, and I was kind of uncomfortable for the most part. it got better in my other interviews though. I wish everyone luck in this endeavor..I got rejected last year as a 3rd year applicant, as I only applied to UoFA and was kind of flippant about writing a good application. my advice: put alot of effort into apps, and it'll pay off. esp. the personal attributes section. its not how good you are, its how good you look that matters (for the purpose of getting into med).


So I applied to UofC/UofT/UofA/UofS/UofO/UofM. I got a direct acceptance to UofC/UofT/UofA, and anticipate acceptance off the waitlist at UofM. UofO and UofS (hehe, funny story with this one. lets just say its nice that saskatchewan is only 6hrs away by driving) will most likely be rejections off of the waitlist. I think I will be in UofA, but I am gathering some info on UofT before I make a decision there.

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Hey Everyone,


Wow! Accepted at UofA... crazy. Faced with a major dilema, as I was also accepted at Island program of UBC. Originally from AB where I have friends and family, but have lived in BC for last five years, where fiancees family and friends are.


B Sc. in Biology, Trinity Western University (2006)


GPA: 3.94

Prereq: ~3.9

Last 2 years: ~3.85

MCAT: 30S (10, 10, 10)


EC's: African and Central American outreach trips, leadership dev't, taught intro univ. classes, worked with disabled people, volunteered downtown Vancouver, worked with youth, lots of sports. Never participated in olympics or performed at Carnegie Hall....


I am a first time applicant. Also applied to UofC, UBC, UotT, UWO, UofO, McMaster.


Accepted: UBC, UofA

Waitlist: UofC, UofT, UWO

Rejected pre-int: McMaster, UofO


Have no idea which school I will choose.... Nice to have options but AAH!

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I'd totally agree with the above post that it's not how good you are, but in how you present what you've done (esp w/the EC's).


I'm a IP resident in undergraduate studies. My GPA (U of A calc) was prereq: 3.95, cGPA: 3.9 and my MCAT scores were:


Physical Sciences: 14

Verbal: 11

Biological Sciences: 14

Written Sample: S


EC's: pretty avg to weak. The usual premed volunteer list. A bit stronger in research, 2 summers, 4 abstracts, one conference.


Applied: U of C, U of A

Accepted: U of C, U of A


Of all the schools I applied to, I'd like to attend Alberta as my first choice. See you in fall guys!

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I have mutha****in accepted at the UofA..here's my stats


GPA/overall (best 3 of 4 years) 3.84

GPA/prereques 3.74

MCAT: 28 N..I was so worried this would be my weak link

Extracurricular: lots..

I think i had a good interview


applied UofA UofC and UBC

accepted UofA (in province)

waitlisted at UBC


Probably end up at the UofA..see you all in the fall!!

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BSc in molecular biology

IP, 4 year pool


pGPA: 3.7

cGPA: 3.7



Strong ECs and references. Felt the interview went great.


This was my second time applying- rejected post-interview last year.


Accepted at U of A and waitlisted at U of C.


My first choice is U of A, so see you all in August!!

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I'm an in province resident and just finished my B.Sc at the UofC (just finished 4th year).


cGPA: 3.9

pGPA: 4.0


my MCAT scores were:


Physical Sciences: 11

Verbal: 12

Biological Sciences: 15

Written Sample: S


I was just accepted off the waitlist by Alberta. This is my first time applying to this school.


Of all the schools I applied to, I'd like to attend UofA as my first choice.

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I'm an Alberta resident who just finished his undergraduate training at the University of Calgary. My cGPA was 3.9 and my MCAT scores were:


Physical Sciences: (10)

Verbal: (10)

Biological Sciences: (12)

Written Sample: (Q)


I was waitlisted and accepted today by Alberta. This is my first time applying to this school.


Of all the schools I applied to, I'd like to attend Alberta as my first choice.



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Thought I would balance out Icebox's response..


IP, mature student who has been a software engineer for 6-7 years. I wrote the MCAT before I took any prereq classes so I had no organic chem, biochem, bio and what little physics and genchem I had was 10 years old at the time of the write:


PS: 11

VR: 7

BS: 8

WR: don't remember, was bell-curve average


My GPA 10 years ago was in the 2 range, my year of bio/phys/bchem/ochem/gchem/stats/eng last year was 4.0 (but not all counted towards the GPA scores because of the repeat rule, even though the classes were over 10 years old). My volunteer experience touched on a lot of different areas in the medical field (emerg, rehab, geriatrics, paramedicine, physio) as I tried to figure out what direction I wanted to take. I also have a lot of real world experience on the CV (Board of Directors for condo, various professional committees, Artificial Intelligence as well as Cystic Fibrosis research, karate competitor and chief instructor,...). Point being, UofA obviously looks past MCAT and GPA scores and looks into the maturity and dedication of the applicants. A doctor is more than the sum of their medical knowledge, and UofA is recognizing this. If you're an applicant who is outside the box, don't let stereotypes of applicants get in your way.

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I have been reluctant to share my stats...but here they are.


I am an Alberta resident. I finished my degree 2 years ago at Okanagan University College (was converted to a UBC Okanagan Degree recently).


pGPA: 3.7

cGPA: 3.7


My poor MCAT scores have no other excuse except for laziness on my part to study after finishing my degree with a score of:


VR: 8

PS: 8

BS: 9

Writing: Q


After high school, I volunteered for 2-1/2 years f/t with an international volunteer organization and worked at dead end jobs for another 9 years before going to University. I received an NSERC for research and volunteered at the Red Cross during University. I have been volunteering in the ER more recently and been working f/t at the Foothills Medical Centre for the past 2 years as an Admin Assistant in Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. I have been active in the Army Reseves for the last 3.5 years. My life has not been all that exciting but I guess life experiences played a large part in my application to Medical School.


I was accepted to U of A from the waitlist. This was my second time applying.


I had almost convinced myself that my MCAT score would be my demise and I was very pleasantly surprized to find out otherwise. I totally agree that U of A must look beyond MCAT's and GPA's, like Mookerbee said.


I am proud to be attending U of A and feel that I can totally be my somewhat silly self (unlike the uneasy feeling I got from UBC during interviews both this year and last).


A word of Advice to Med Student Hopefuls....don't make the same mistake I did and make sure that you ask your references straight "Are you able to give me an excellent reference" cause that was my demise last year!!

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So I guess it turns out I was accepted after all! So happy right now, I've been bouncing off the walls for hours now (got the call on Wednesday). Anyways, here's the down and dirty:


4th Yr IP pool.

cGPA: 3.5

Pre-req GPA: 3.48

MCAT: 36R (PS12, VR11, BS13)

Had really good referees, and I think the interview went really well.


Loads of volunteer work, student groups on campus, was in charge of a couple of them. Did volunteer work overseas, won national karate tournaments, and was a piano teacher for a while. Lived overseas (in Africa) most of my life. Fairly broad international experience. Some summer research.


I am living proof that you CAN actually recover from a really bad first year (thus my lower GPA's) so don't fret if the first year doesn't go as you had planned....however, it doesn't make life any easier later on. U of A was my first choice, and I was rejected by U of C... I can't wait to start in August!!!!

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