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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)

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IP, finished B.Sc. and M.Sc.


GPA for U of A: 3.7

MCAT: 31R (WITH AN 8 IN VERBAL BABY!...let that bring hope to all...)


ECs: captain varsity team, provincial sports team captain, summers doing research but only 1 abstract, 1 random publication from a class unrelated to medicine, TONS of volunteering - I looooove it - hospital, non-hospital, lots of leadership stuff, dramatic performances, teaching experience, awards for leadership etc.


1st time applying


Applied: U of A, U of C, U of T, Mac

Interviewed: U of A, U of C, U of T

Accepted: U of A, U of C, U of T


Unsure where I'm gonna go. I believe it will be U of A, its my gut feeling, but the 3 year program is quite attractive....

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Applied only UofA and UofC - accepted at both.


IP, graduated in 2007, working as an RD since.



GPA 3.9ish

Activities mostly limited to work related experience and some long term unrelated volunteering.

MMI - think it went really well. One station was exactly the type of situation I deal with everyday at work so I'm pretty sure I nailed that one.

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Accepted 4th Year IP applicant. Completed my BSc in Pharmacology in June. I was waitlisted last year.


cGPA: 3.76



ECs: I have been married and working 48 hours/week for the last 3 years of my undergrad (since I was 20). I have zero independent research or hospital/clinical volunteer experience. However, I have very diverse and extensive leadership and volunteer experience (more than 5000 hours over 4 years serving as President of the Muslim Students' Association, raising tens of thousands of dollars for local and international charities, serving as a camp councillor, coordinating a youth B-Ball Tournament, and many more). I have several awards including the Presidents' Citation and Faculty of Science Academic Excellence Award. I dont have much in the way of diversity of experience except being multi-lingual, married for 3 years and renovating my house for 2 years. Its VERY important to articulate your activities in a concise manner.


References: Excellent!


Interview: Thought it went well this year. I only spent about 4 hours practicing but once you are familiar with formulating a structured answer, the interview questions arent very difficult. Last year I walked into the interview without any preparation and was only waitlisted so dont underestimate your interview!


Its important to remember that if your GPA and MCAT arent extraordinarily high, you can compensate by having diverse ECs and nailing your interview :)

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first wanted to say thanks to people who've contributed to this forum!


4th year, IP, general science

gpa - 3.86, mcat 10vr, 14ps, 13bs, P

ECs - volunteering at school+community, 5 yrs PT work experience w/ people, NO RESEARCH!! (I was really worried about the no research thing)


Applied - UofA, UofC, UofT, western, queens, ontario, macmaster, ubc

Interview - UofA, UofC

Accepted - UofA

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Sorry for the delay


Completed BSc at U of C

U of A GPA: 3.77


Currently finishing up Masters

GPA: 4.0




ECs: hospital volunteering, overseas volunteering, health-care related jobs, university committees, publications


Interview: I prepared a lot. Studied the health care system, kept up with current health care issues, and practiced with others weeks before the interview. However, I felt like i bombed the interview. I remember shaking my head after leaving a couple stations, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the acceptance email!:)

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Hey guys,


I was just accepted off of the alternate list! I am MSc. OOP.




Accepted off the alternate list!


U of A GPA: 4 (4th year OOP)

ECs: research, teaching, hospital volunteering, international volunteer.


Will take this offer.

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yayay!! accepted today from waitlist!


University of alberta


Did my undergrad from McMaster - Bachelor of Health Sciences.

4th yr applicant

GPA-3.89 (OMSAS), 4.0 (for ALberta)

MCAT- 34Q (14 PS, 8VR, 12 BS)

Had good extracurriculars- editor of student mag, event coordi for club, TA for a course, other tutoring experience, research experience for 1 year, committee member, doc shadowing, hospital and international volunteering etc.

Applied to a whole whack of schools both in canada and US but got rejected pre-interview everywhere except Alberta (perhaps, due to my VR score). That's why I love UofAlberta now for trusting in me and giving me this life changing chance :D


I thought the interview went well and I was anticipating being put on the WL.


Good to all!!:D

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GPA: 3.58 from UBC


Physical Sciences: (13)

Verbal: (11)

Biological Sciences: (11)

Written Sample: ®


Boatloads of extracurriculars.


I was accepted off the waitlist by U of A. This is my first time applying to this school. The ONLY school i got an interview at.


Obviously, I'm accepting and i'm EXCITED.

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Here are my stats:

4th year IP

MCAT: 36 Q (14 PS 8 VR 14 BS)

GPA: 3.98

Activities: Lots of scholarships/awards, fair bit of volunteer work, several student groups, and extensive employment history. Also an AHFMR studentship in my fourth year

References: Awesome. One physician and the other a former instructor

Interview: Good except for 2 stations


Applied: UofS, UofC, UofA

Interviewed: UofA

Accepted: UofA (off the waitlist)


It is important to note that I did a ton to expand on my activities in my fourth year that didn't show up in this application cycle. Probably doubled my score if I were to apply again. I would recommend applying the year before you want to get in. Thats what I did, and I just got lucky.


So happy when I saw the email I felt like crying.

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I'm an Alberta resident who just completed 3rd year of undergraduate studies. My GPA was 3.9 and my MCAT scores were:


Physical Sciences: 10

Verbal: 11

Biological Sciences: 13

Written Sample: R


I was accepted off the waitlist by Alberta this morning. This is my first time applying to this school.

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Accepted! June 17 at 9 45 am



cGPA 3.68

I graduated this spring 2011, but haven't been to university since summer 2010 (did my honors project)


Good references!

EC's: 400+ hours with student club tutoring, teaching, making practice exams, etc... 50 hours at ER in a hospital, 30 hours mentoring troubled highschool students, 750 hours for honors project in organic synthesis to make an anti diabetes drug, worked in a neuroscience lab in scotland (and recieved scholarship for it), lotssssss of travelling,


Felt the interview went perfectly, but due to my lower GPA i was not surprised to be waitlisted. This is my second time applying to med school, I applied in my fourth year to U of A and U of C, was rejected pre interview U of C and post interview by U of A.


This year I applied to all ontario schools, U of M, Sask, alberta and calgary and was rejected by all pre interview except U of A! So I am very happy to see you all in the fall

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-------Accepted May 13-------



Long overdue first post:

BSc, MSc, In province applicant

GPA 3.86

MCAT 34Q (13PS / 12BS / 9VR / Q WS)

standard ECs (volunteer @ U of A hospital, student groups)

lots of publications, presentations and awards


Applied: U of A / U of C

Interviewed: U of A / U of C

Accepted: U of A / U of C

Waitlist: none

Rejected: none


Attending: U of A


This is my first time applying to medicine


Good luck to everyone!

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wGPA = 3.82

MCAT = 36R

ECs = Too subjective to be helpful

Interview = Some stations felt good some did not


Congratulations to everyone who got in! Good luck to everyone who was waitlisted. And to anyone who wasn't successful this round, keep persevering!

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