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MMI interview tutor

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I'm a recent University of Queensland medical school graduate now I have returned to Vancouver, BC, Canada waiting for residency spot. I will conduct live 1on1 tutoring sessions in that area or if you are not in my area, I can do Skype.


The 4 years of med have covered medical ethics, communication skills and medical law...but most importantly, how to approach any scenario with the most amount of perspectives by applying the vast information I have learnt; this will be the key to success in the clinical years in medicine as well. No background info = very difficult to form different perspectives.


My job is to ensure that you know 'how' to approach those MMI questions and how NOT to come up with 'wrong answers'. The MMI questions invariably come only in a handful of concepts, mixed togherther, but worded differently everytime. I will teach you how to recognize what the question is designed to ask you, and how to approach it using the greatest number of different perspectives as possible. Think of it as using a formula, but the background knowledge is rather important, as the more you know about those few topics, the more alternatives you can come up with. It is not about getting the 1 correct answer as it is being very broad minded (and poltiically correct) about it and ofcourse, avoiding saying the wrong things.


Simple example: receiving gifts in a health care setting. Below is a very brief approach to addressing this concept (I will need to explore more info for this concept plus role playing to see how you would react to my acting for a more realstic experience):

1) touches on objectivity. Other application: pharmaceutical company 'lunches', free' travelling' and other freebies -- overprescribing expensive brand name drugs - no such thing as a free lunch in terms of industralilized gift giving.

2) From objectivity you can be prepared to be asked about it... why is objectivity important? Professional distance to avoid overwhleming emotional burden on oneself, standard of care for all patients, fairness to avoid favoritism. Examples: physicians not ethnically recommended to treat familly members or friends.

3) what the gift means to the patient. What are their expectations if the gift is a personally very valuable item vs a peice of candy? Cultural, personal significance?

4) why did the patient give the gift? Underlying reason: reciprocation for doctor's action. To promote conitnued interest and services from doctor, address status imbalance ie, impose non personal identity, maintaining the sick role, manipulate services

5) If others patients see the gift giving, will that influence their behaviors? WIll medicine turn into 'fee for service', that is, expanded fee for service ontop of whichever country the patients are in at the time.

6) Health care community's stance on receiving gifts. What is an appropriate vs inappropriate gift? For industralized settings? What about personal?

7) how would you address inappropriate gift giving?


I have had tremendous success with students so far with this service. References available on request.


My email is poon.paul@hotmail.com

Contact email if interested.


This service will only be available indefinately until I find a residency spot.

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I am interested but I have several questions


1) Could you please elaborate on what you mean by "I have had tremendous success with students so far with this service" were your students successful in gaining admission?


2) Will you provide/bring all the questions? and we go back and forth so we can see what your answers are like compared to ours or do we have to think and bring our own MMi questions and you simply evaluate on our answers?


3) Could you please expand on what your qualifications are for tutoring Canadian medical students? (In this thread, many current med students are offering their services for free, since you are charging a fee, how are you better?)


4) Also, since you did not go to a Canadian med school (which is more competitive than Queensland), were you successful yourself in getting into a Canadian school? how familiar are you with the Canadian MMI system (since different schools have different MMI structure and emphasize different things) . Please Advise

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