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Working during CCFP-EM fellowship

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On 4/15/2013 at 12:09 AM, NLengr said:

We should clarify some stuff:


There are two ways to work for most cash as a resident from my understanding.


1. Moonlighting - This is the traditional sense where you are working as an independent practitioner without supervision. That used to be possible for many residents when you could get a GP license. Once you have LMCC 1 and 2 done, you apply for your GP license and you can work as a GP. Now, with CCFP having replaced GP, the only way to do this is to have a fully independent license to practice that you obtained prior to your current residency.


For example, if you were a CCFP family doc, and then you decided after a couple years to go back and retrain as a pathologist. Moonlighting means you are still a path resident, but you work on the side (walk in's, locums etc.) as a family doc, because you still have your CCFP and CPSO independent practice license for family med. You are working under your independent license.


YOU are the most responsible physician.


2. Restricted Registration - This means that the CPSO grants you a license to work OUTSIDE the bounds of your regular education license. The difference here is that you are not independent. You still have to be under a fully independently licensed supervising physician who supervises you. Imagine this is like being a resident for hire. Additionally, you need to be in a program registered with the restricted registration program (not all are), and you have to meet certain criteria to get a restricted registration license (good standing, PGY X etc.).


YOUR SUPERVISOR is the most responsible physician.


ADDITIONALLY, the areas in which you can work as a restricted registration license holders depend on your residency program. They are limited. For example, a psych resident may only be able to work in psych care. They cannot get a license to work in Gen surg, medicine, rads etc. Similarly, the gen surg resident can't work on the psych unit.


The idea of the license was to help provide some coverage in areas that were short, by adding "extra" residents, who work for money, not education, in their off time. Now that we have lots of residents, and physicians LOOKING for work, it's not that applicable anymore and fewer people are doing it.


The website is here: http://www.restrictedregistrationontario.ca/index.html


If anyone has a different understanding feel free to point things out.

I've seen a FM doc 1 yr out of residency have restricted license - is this usually the case or is that an exception? They are not in any +1 program

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