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U of Ottawa Housing

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I was accepted to Ottawa this morning and am wondering how housing works...do all med students live off campus or are there on campus residences?


Also, what off campus apartment buildings are popular amongst med students?


I won't have a car so the closer the better.



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Go enjoy your success first!


uOttawa does not provide on campus housing for medical students. The most popular options are to rent with your fellow classmates or other medical students.

Many students live in the Freedom Private area - 3 bedroom town houses. 5-8 min walk to school. More expensive. Around 650-850 per person per month. Not including utilities or Internet etc.


There is also L'advantage suites/ apartments. Great location. Great units. Expensive.


There are also many great housing along the back side of the school that tend to be stand alone houses.


Some choose to live at Alta Vista area - 15 min bus rid. Apartments. Cheaper.


However, important to keep in mind that the faculty of medicine at RGN is pretty far away from where all the livelihood is in ottawa. There is honestly nothing around in a 2.5 km radius of the school.

Thus, some people will choose to live closer to the main campus.

Lees Ave is a popular choice.

Sandy Hills is the other popular choice. Sandy hill is also the home of many undergrad students so some parts can get quite rowdy on weekends. Thus depends on what you want.


Hope that helps


Congrats on getting into uOttawa!

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Hey guys,

I'm a 21 year old guy who has just been accepted into U of Ottawa '17! I'm looking for a couple of roommates to start a house for first year. I'd probably rather live closer to the hospital than to downtown. Let me know if you're interested. Can't wait to meet you all!

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