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residency schedules

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You'll get a taste of it during your clerkship rotations. It's like pulling an all-nighter (if you've ever done that)... you'll get used to it eventually (or not, in which case you go into a more sleep-friendly field).

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Hi everyone


How does the schedule for residency work? I know that it varies between specialties but I am concerned about being on call all night. How does everyone do it? I like to sleep at night... Is it as bad as everyone says it is?


Even on call you likely will get some sleep most of the time - there were only a handful of times I got absolutely no sleep. There are limits - max call is one if four for instance although I was very rarely doing that.


Call is part of the job I guess - many specialties have that as attendings as well.


That all being said I know rads call is pretty brutal as I have sat with the rads residents a few times. As a rule if anyone else is doing something then you very likely have some imaging to interpret as a result. Long nights but at least is more like one in 6-8.


Some people really cannot handle it well - and that is a good thing to learn in clerkship so you can chose an appropriate specialty.

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