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Importance of Answer to MMI

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So I'm practicing for MMI on my own before I go and meet up with others in person and I find that I end up getting verbal diarrhea at times. This is mainly because I get lost in my thought processes when I try to state my opinion, and worry about when to answer the actual question.


I've read through the MMI stickies and am currently reading "Doing Right." My question is when do I state my answer to the scenario? I've read that it is good to formulate a statement near the beginning of your answer and then justify the choice and outcomes. I have also been told the answer does not matter, and you go through the thought process first, then after identifying everything you give an answer. In the latter case, you are giving both sides of the argument first, then picking a side. Which leaves you with little to justify your answer after the fact, which is where my problem lies. I do not have much more to say.

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this is actually bothering me as well:


is it better to do 1 or 2?



a) state your opinion/decision on what to do

B) give back up facts for your opinion/decision

c) acknowledge the other side(s) and give good against points as well



a) give one side of the points

B) give the other side

c) give any 3rd side

d) state your stance and reiterate (in concise terms) which points you're using from (a/b/c) to support your stance..


so far I have been practising - I have been doing option 2.

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^ Honestly, either one of those formats is fine, as long as you pick a side in the end.


From personal experience, format 1 is easier to follow. Think about how many applicants the evaluator is seeing for that same MMI station in the day. Sometimes it's nice to actually know from the beginning what someone's opinion is so that it's easier to follow their train of thought. Just my opinion though.

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