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OT/PT Accepted/Wait listed/Rejected 2014

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Hey everyone- I just wanted to post my stats now that I've been accepted for applicants for the upcoming cycle! I know I personally found seeing where I stood in comparison to students from the previous cycle to be very helpful in the application process. 


Applied: Dalhousie OT
Accepted: Dalhousie (off the waitlist)
GPA: subGPA 3.77 (4.3 scale)
Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: No essay or interview for Dalhousie- one reference was my undergraduate research supervisor and the other was the department chair for my major- both wrote very strong references. I was a Nova Scotia applicant. 


I believe the reason I did not get accepted in the first round was my GPA. Hopefully this helps those of you who might be applying this year with similar averages- there is definitely a chance that you will be accepted! :)

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I am applying for the 2015/2016 year as well. i am in my final year and will be graduating june 2015. Am applying to UWO, McMaster,UofT and McGill. I will have an sub GPA after my finals in decenber then i will update this post. I wish everyone who is applying all the best. I hope we get in. See you in Physio school next year.  I cannot wait. 

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You know the GPA cut offs for McMaster, UofT and Western are all 3.75+++?

Hey, I just wanted to know how you know that?  Do you know about Queens? I know all the schools are competitive, I am working on getting my GPA up, I'm only at 3.39 right now.  

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Applied: Mac OT, Western PT
Accepted: Mac OT
Waitlisted: Western PT (lower end of waitlist 120-180)
cGPA (OMSAS): ~3.7

subGPA (OMSAS): 3.85

Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references:

  • Western required a personal statement (PS) and two letters of recommendation (LOR), no interview. For the PS, they asked three questions, of which I think one answer was strong, and the other two were really weak. LORs were also really weak. No PT experience at all. 
  • For Mac, I did not have a stellar interview. I thought it was mediocre.

Can't wait to meet the other Mac OT students! :)  

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Applied: Western, McMaster, Western, U of T (all OT)

Accepted: Western
Waitlisted: McMaster (#6)
Rejected: Queens

Haven't heard from: U of T
sGPA: 3.89

cGPA: 3.49

Super frustrated about Toronto... Oh well, at least I have Western and possibly Mac :) :) 

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