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I went to UofT and on my transcript, the course weights are 0.5 for a semester long course and 1 for a full year course.


When I enter the course information on OMSAS, do I do the conversion myself according to their scale (below) and enter 1.0 for half year courses and 2 for full year courses?


Full‑year course: weight of 2
Half‑year course: weight of 1
Semester course: weight of 1
Three‑quarter course: weight of 1.5
Also, I have a full year course with a weight of 0.1 on my transcript (lol). It was just a seminar course. How should I include this?
One more thing - why is there a limit of 10 in the course list? I have 12 half courses in a year and I know I'm able to add more, so there aren't any problems. Just wondering though, am I supposed to have a separate entry for each semester or is there only one entry for each academic "year"?
Appreciate the help folks!

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Have you tried submitting 10, and then adding additional entries under the same academic year? I think they might only allow 10 at a time, but you can add more on a separate form.

I've done an entry for each academic year, though I don't think it matters too much. Doing each individual semester may give off a false impression that you were a part-timer, but that's all speculation.


For a semester put a weight of 1 (as that's what's indicated under "Semester"). For the 0.1 course I have no idea...I'd just list it as a PASS course and let OMSAS make the correction for you when they receive your transcript in a month or so. They will mail you a hard copy confirming your data has been accepted/slightly modified and what your finalized OMSAS GPA is.

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Yea, I am able to add more courses on a separate form.


I guess the part I found confusing is that if I indicate 1.0 as the "Credit Value/Weight", then on the "Course Summary" page, it gets turned into "OMSAS Length" of 2.0.


What is the OMSAS Length?


Thanks for your help!

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