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          I am really nervous for casper and am trying to prepare as much as possible (as my completely unexpected and abysmal physical score ruined my chances everywhere else *ouch*). To do so I started by reading some of doing right and trying the practice questions in the link above (using the 5 min limit). I was hoping some of you might be able to share your own answers so that I could have some way of assessing what I wrote. Particularity if you have reason to believe you scored well on capser previously. I would very much appreciate some feedback! If you don't feel comfortable posting here feel free to PM me.


Any and all advice is also welcome. Thanks!

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As much as I thought typing fast was necessary one of my friends got an interview and he types with 2 fingers. He also had a 10 in verbal.

I'm not that surprised. Conciseness is an asset. If you can say what you need to in fewer words, and avoid beating around the bush, that's for the better! (But I still lol'ed at the typing with two fingers...)

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Doing Right is a good choice if you can find a copy in time.


http://canadianbioethicscompanion.ca/ is a free online text that hits a lot of the major Canadian issues. It doesn't however focus on diversity/ethnic bioethics as much as other sources, but it's not bad and gets your mind thinking about bioethics.


I just wanted to thank you. This is really helpful! Especially as someone who knew the general principles of what is consdiered relevant when discussing bioethics but was unsure in how it was practically applied within the context of the Canadian health care system.

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