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Tips/ Topic Ideas For Global Health Essay

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Hi so I'm taking a Global Perspectives on Health class and I have an essay due Wednesday. I generally struggle with essays and particularly the process of writing an essay. Anyone have any tips/tricks/advice for essays themselves or the process of writing them? Also if anyone has any cool topic ideas in the area of global health I'd love to hear them! I'm going to do my own research but I'd like to hear about others opinions!



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What kind of essay is it?

This is all the info I'm given:



Discuss in an essay of about 1000-1500 words:


‘Evidence-based medicine’ : Is it the only approach to health interventions and programming?


The health of the population in least developed countries: Is outside intervention in the health of populations in developing (ie. poor) countries a help or a hindrance?


Choose your own topic. Obtain approval before proceeding.


Structure of essay:


Statement about a point, argument or observation (the thesis statement)



Three subsidiary points, arguments or observations that support the overall thesis (the elaboration or support of thesis)


Conclusion and summary, briefly reiterating how the supporting points support the thesis, drawing of any conclusion from this.

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Start by picking both your topic and the stance you want to take. After you've done that, you need to write down (not in your essay, but as notes for your essay), the arguments you want to use to support your conclusion. Draw it out like a map, including anything that is neccessary for your premises to actually support the conclusion.


After you have that kind of mapped out, you should try to find some outside sources (unless this is not required) that support the claims made in your key premises. If you don't need outside sources, move on to defending your arguments against objections. I always like to include a section in essays where I present some strong objections to my arguments, and then I show how I respond to those objections.


Try to be as concise as possible. I always find that I go over the maximum number of words/pages and then have to cut things out. It is okay if your first draft is longer; you will notice redundancies and irrelevant statements on your first and second reads of your draft.

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