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Hey Guys,


So I don't know if the current system of setting up online practice for MMIs is working for everyone, but I thought this might be a convenient way to organize it for people who want to practice, and not worry about sticking to a strict schedule. Also I think getting feedback from a larger variety of people won't hurt! 


Here's what I'm thinking. 


Every couple of weeks, I'll post a two week block of possible practice session dates and times on a Doodle poll. 

Anyone who wants to participate fills out the poll using their premed101 username.

Select any times you would be available/want to do a practice session. 

Times with at least three people go ahead as a practice session, anything with fewer people does not. 

If you are the third person to choose that date and time, message the other two on premed101 and let them know.

Meet at the scheduled time and practice. I think Google Hangouts is better for multi-person chats than Skype, but obviously use whatever you prefer.

If you add yourself to a time that already has three or more people, message the third person to have joined that time and ask them to add you to the group convo on premed101. 


The details will of course be up to the particular groups, but I'm thinking that a few good rules would be: (tl:dr be considerate)

Groups are finalized 24 hours before the given practice session. Obviously sometimes things will come up, but just try to be considerate. 

Only book in for session you actually plan on going to. 

Groups decide beforehand how they want to structure their practice session. 


Two types of sessions I think are really good are:

1) Round-robin prompt practice. Each participant prepares a MMI-style promp (and additional prompts to go along with it, like they have in the MMI). One person gives the first prompt to one other person, who has 2 minutes to read it (copy-paste into chat box).and 8 minutes to answer. Then everyone discusses the prompt and that person's answer and offers constructive criticism. Then the person who answered prompts the next person, and so on. 

2) Open discussion important topics. The group decides on a topic beforehand and everyone is responsible for researching it. At the practice session each person "presents" what they learned and the group discusses. 


I've put times in in two hour blocks, to limit the size of the doodle (it's still huge), but depending on how many people join a time the length might vary. I'll alter future doodles to reflect what times seem to be popular if these times don't work perfectly. 


What do people think of this? I'm not sure if anyone will be interested, but this setup occurred to me and I thought it would be worth a try! 


SIDENOTE: All times are listed in Eastern Time. If you're in a different time zone, make sure you answer the doodle with that in mind! 



Anyways, here's the link to the doodle: http://doodle.com/ruat9xb8udbinkyv

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