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Athabasca Online For English?

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Hey guys,


I'm thinking about taking a couple of online courses at Athabasca to satisfy the English prereqs.  Just browsing through the forums, it seems like the general consensus is that most schools will accept it, however most of the USMD I have emailed so far have told me that they do NOT accept online courses for their prereqs (even English).  The DO schools seem to be cool with it though.  Does anyone have any experience with this already?


Schools that have told me they do NOT accept online English:

-Boston University

-Wayne State

-St. Louis

-George Washington


Schools that have told me they DO accept online English:






Still waiting to hear from (anyone have info on these?):

-U of Colorado


-SUNY Upstate

-U of Kentucky

-Case Western Reserve

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It isn't worth the risk if you want to apply to MD schools. The vast majority (probably close to all of them) will not accept an online prerequisite course, including English. Another option to check out, which I know has worked in the past, is a distance course. For instance Western and Queen's have distance English courses - you do them online and just write the exam at the school. 

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That is exactly what you do for Athabasca courses. They are distance with exams in person. How is that any different?


And I question weather the "vast majority" of schools dont take distance courses, definitely contact the schools yourself and find out.


The fact that most of preclinical is self taught anyways with lots of schools employing reverse classrooms, seems hypocritical for any schools to say no to undergrad courses being online.

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I have the same opinion; I can't see why AU courses count as "online" courses while you are writing the final exams in-person (40% for one of the courses I'm taking). Although the English courses offered by my home university have weekly lectures, you do not need to write the essay in class, except for the final exam. I have hard time distinguishing the two. 

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