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Practicing with people is probably the best way for most people.

For me personally, I found public speaking to be a massive contributor to my overall interview style. During my year off, I TAed a lot, and was forced to be up there in front of a room of people and that really strengthened my communication skills. I know people who signed up with various organizations to practice public speaking and being put on the spot. eg Toastmasters

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Many schools offer interview prep. For instance, my undergrad school offered both 1-1 interviews and a full mock MMI interview. 


In the MMI practise circuit, we got to take on the role of both the interviewer and candidate (different scenarios of course!) and I found it really helpful both to be put on the spot (as a candidate) and to watch others respond to scenarios/how they think (while being the interviewer).


Other than that, practising with others or on your own are both great; it can be hard to get over the awkwardness of practising with friends/family, but ultimately, if it will help--and it will--it needs to be done!!


Finally, it's a good idea to loosely develop an approach to the MMI stations. For instance, are you going to read the prompts once? Three times? Are you going to think of arguments ahead of time? Are you going to decide your first sentence ahead of time? You can't prepare everything of course, but I found it helpful to decide what your approach will be, in general.


Best of luck!


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