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University Of Toronto, Class Of 2019 Fb Group

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Congratulations to the incoming class!


In this group you will find helpful upper years, and your amazing new classmates. This is where you ask questions to upper years, arrange summer meet-ups, find roommates, etc. We can't wait to meet you all!


A reflective and welcoming post from one of my classmates:


"Hello 1T9’s! Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the fascinating world of medicine, where you’ll be pushed to your physical, mental, and emotional limits, challenged to work outside of your comfort zone, and do things that you never thought yourself capable of. For all its hardships, though, I think you’ll be find that learning and practicing medicine is an incredible privilege, that your hard work is rewarded in ways unique to our profession, and that the people you meet along the way will impact your life in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine right now. We’re incredibly excited that you’ll be joining us on this journey of a lifetime, and even more excited that we suddenly have 259 new friends! In the meantime, however, relax, enjoy your summer, and take comfort in the knowledge that for all that lies ahead, there is a family here at the University of Toronto ready to support and celebrate you through it all."





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