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Hi, just a quick question for everyone out there. 
I'm a McGill Economics student and am struggling to complete all my med school prerequisites on time before I graduate. I'm thinking instead of taking an English course at McGill (which is hard and difficult to score in), I would take a second one from Athabasca University online. I've already taken one so far, which I've found to be pretty straight forward. I was just wondering if application officers would give more value to a course taken at McGill rather than an English course taken online.


Also, is anyone here an Economics following the same path? Managing well so far with the basic sciences but worried about organic and biochem.


Looking forward to hearing back!


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I just graduated from McGill! In terms of English classes there are a few classes that you can do well in. I took engl315 with Wes and it was a great class as long as you showed up and went to the conferences.


As per the organic and biochem requirements message me and I can help you choose which profs you should take it with.

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