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Osap - Confused

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Hi everyone,


I was approved for OSAP funding, and as part of my conditions of my approval, the website states that my school (McMaster) has to confirm my enrollment, I have to provide supporting documents, and I have to review my CRA income report.


1. Does the school automatically confirm enrollment? 

2.I already mailed in my MFSAA, and sent the signature/declaration page to the financial aid office to my institution.

3. No idea how to review my CRA statement.


Can anyone offer any insight? Do I basically have the funding and this is all just a formality to get through, or is there a risk that I won't get it still?

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1. Yes, the school will automatically confirm your enrollment. This will usually occur in September, just prior to when funding is released.


2. If you've mailed your MFSAA and declaration pages (and are certain that they have been received), then there is nothing left to do.


3. You do not have to do anything for CRA. OSAP is simply letting you know that they will verify your CRA income statement with the income information you provided in the application. If there are no discrepancies, nothing will happen. If there is a large discrepancy, then there is a possibility that your OSAP amount will be adjusted to reflect your true income. 


In short, this is all just formality, you should be fine from this point forward. 

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