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Oma Cellphone Plan

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Hey all,


is anyone else here with the Rogers OMA government bundle ($60 a month)? I just switched to them from Rogers but now I'm having doubts about its coverage, which apparently is bad? 


I'll be at Mac, if that helps for how good coverage is. I do spend a fair amount of time in rural north/northwest Ontario, though. 


Has anyone been offered the same plan by their current carrier? Bell is offering me the same plan with a free upgrade phone, but I think that might just be an attempt for customer retention. I don't think they can ACTUALLY offer me the corporate if CMA/OMA doesn't have an agreement with them?


I'm pretty confused on how this actually works (slidephone user!), I'd really appreciate any insight.


Thank guys!

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Seems like a better plan then, Rogers is supposed to have better coverage/service than Telus too right?


No, actually the opposite in most areas since Bell and Telus share their LTE network, which is more extensive. Though to be honest, either of the big three's networks are great and have more than good enough coverage for most areas.

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